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Woman Brags About Poaching Deer To Park Warden On Bumble And Immediately Regrets It


Woman brags about poaching deer to park warden on bumble and immediately regrets it! Hunting has been a part of human history for thousands of years, with early humans relying on hunting to survive. However, in today's world, hunting has become a controversial topic with ethical and moral implications. While some argue that hunting is necessary for population control and food, the idea of killing animals for sport is increasingly unsettling and morally questionable.

There are arguments on both sides of the debate. Supporters of hunting argue that it is a way to control animal populations and prevent overgrazing, which can lead to ecological damage.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement against trophy hunting, which involves killing animals solely for the purpose of displaying their body parts as a "trophy." While some hunters argue that trophy hunting can help fund conservation efforts, others point out that it often targets endangered species and has negative impacts on the environment.

What Happened?

Poached deer lying dead on the ground
Poached deer lying dead on the ground

There was an incident in which a woman bragged about illegally killing a deer as a pickup line on the dating app Bumble. The man she was chatting with turned out to be a state game warden named Cannon Harrison, who was able to obtain information about the woman's location and her illegal activity through their conversation.

The woman, whose name remains anonymous, told Harrison that she had just shot a "bigo buck" and was "pretty happy about it." Harrison initially seemed excited and asked if she used a bow, but then asked if she had used a spotlight, which is an illegal practice. The woman admitted to using a spotlight and even sent Harrison a photo of the dead deer.

Unbeknownst to the woman, Harrison was using the conversation to gather evidence for a case against her. He was able to track down her location through social media and notified game warden personnel, who apprehended her the following day. The woman later pleaded guilty to the illegal poaching and was fined $2,400.

It's important to note that hunting is legal and even encouraged in some areas. However, that doesn't mean it's morally justifiable. As a society, we need to have honest conversations about the ethics of hunting and consider the impact that our actions have on the natural world.


In conclusion, the woman who bragged about poaching a deer to a man on Bumble learned a hard lesson about the consequences of her actions when she unknowingly revealed her illegal activities to a state game warden. This serves as a reminder that illegal poaching is not only immoral but can also have legal repercussions.

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