I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person.

In my younger days when I’d sample some of Mother Nature’s more potent flora, I’d get comfortable on my couch, order a takeaway and strap myself in for a little known programme called ‘Ancient Aliens’.


Basically it’s a show filled with fringe ‘scientists’ spouting a load of pseudo crap about ancient astronauts, archaeology and how extra terrestrials impacted past civilizations.

It’s complete BS, but hey, it’s entertaining when you’re soaring like an eagle.

With that in mind, I’m completely into this next story, as, remarkably, a woman has claimed that four artificially intelligent robots killed 29 scientists in a lab in Japan last year.


Most ‘robots’ I’ve ever seen are like the dancing Honda one. They’re not that advanced yet are they?!


Journalist and conspiracy theorist Linda Moulton Howe told this story at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February, and only now it’s going viral, with someone uploading the clip with the caption: ‘This is how we all gonna die.”

The clip has been viewed over 7 million times – check it out below:

In her speech, she recalls a phone call she said she had with a former marine who had been working for the CIA.

She said:

“At a top robotics company in Japan this week,  four robots being developed for military applications killed 29 humans in the lab.

And they did it by shooting what he called metal bullets. I didn’t know there was any other kind.”

Howe added:

“The scariest part is that lab workers deactivated two of the robots and took apart the third.

But the fourth robot began restoring itself, and somehow connected to an orbiting satellite to download information about how it could rebuild itself even more strongly than before.”


She then goes on to say how she was told:

 “This is serious s*** Linda, but you’re not going to hear about this in the news.

 The robotics company has too much to lose, and the government wants AI robot soldiers. “

This is obviously scary as hell, if – and it’s a big IF – it’s true.

I mean, have you seen I, Robot? Those things do not play nice.

Kill them, kill them all with fire right now.


Here’s how people reacted to the news:

However, like with many conspiracy theories, there were plenty of sceptics, with many pointing to the lack of evidence to support Howe’s claims:


I don’t know about this; my rational, logical side is telling me that there’s no way this could happen without mainstream media picking up on it, but the other side of me is thinking about all those science fiction films where you have a scientist warning us of our impending doom and we fail to listen to them resulting in catastrophic loss of life.


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