It’s hardly surprising that some people across the globe are coming up with their own novel ways of supposedly combating coronavirus whilst virologists, scientists and medical experts relentlessly work on finding a real cure.

The world has gone somewhat batty and perhaps such people are just sharing their bizarre ideas for shreds of social media limelight but either way we suggest you don’t take this woman’s advice and stick to washing your hands.


Health blogger, Tracey Kiss, 32, insists that drinking her boyfriend’s sperm everyday – either ‘directly’ or as part of a smoothie will see her through the pandemic.

Urgh, I know.

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Tracey who has 395k Insta followers hails the spunky substance as “nature’s multivitamin” claiming it’s packed full of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium and as a result is now urging others to use semen as part of a balanced diet to keep healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

She even lathers it all over her body as apparently, “the purity of it is just wonderful”.


Tracey says: “People are stocking up on pasta, but really it’s about looking at your health and looking at what goes in your body”.

Rather literally, don’t you think?

“It’s nature’s multivitamin, and it’s there, it’s natural, it’s free”.

“It’s everything you need in one daily dose”.


Proper Vitamin D – hey?

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“It’s a really normal part of my life – it contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals”, Tracey adds.

Doctors don’t share Tracey’s beliefs though – slamming her bizarre treatment as a “extremely worrying”.


Dr Sarah Jarvis says: “There are hundreds of myths out there about how to protect yourself against Covid-19. Most of them are exactly that – myths”.

“The idea of drinking semen doesn’t have the slightest nugget of science behind it and is frankly extremely worrying”.

“There is absolutely no benefit to drinking semen from one known ‘donor’ even when you know everything about their sexual history”.

“But if you are taking in semen from more than one person, you would run the risk of sexually transmitted infections as well”.


Continuing Dr Jarvis adds: “There are clear ways you can protect yourself and they are the messages we are giving out constantly – thorough handwashing, using 60 per cent plus hand sanitiser gel when soap and water aren’t available and avoiding contact with others as much as possible”.

“Please don’t listen to any other nonsense”.

But Tracey can’t get enough of the stuff – even freezing it in ice trays to use another day.

The health fanatic initially turned to herbal remedies after her silicone breast implants ruptured in 2012, causing her to lose her hair.

She came across the benefits of semen by chance after excess left on her skin made it feel soft and firm.


Tracey even used to use her best friend’s sperm on her face as a mask to treat her rosacea, until she met her boyfriend two years ago.

She began by keeping the semen for topical use – just as a biweekly face mask to treat her dry skin but soon discovered ingesting it resulted in an energy boost and a better night’s sleep.

“I’ve never known the rush of drinking an espresso – instead this just makes me more alert and awake”.


“It just makes me feel a lot more controlled and present”.

“I’m not as forgetful or tired – and it’s a natural anti-depressant!”.

Tracey has now been consuming the penis liquid religiously for more than three years – five times a week in effort to support her immune system.

Her and her boyfriend ‘harvest’ sperm every time they see each other.


Tracey believes that others are reluctant to embrace it as eagerly as she is as they can’t detach themselves from it sexually.

“People cannot detach that actually it’s very good for you”, she explains.

“We don’t have to be embarrassed about natural remedies, because it’s that embarrassment that puts us off from trying”.

“There were times when my family didn’t want to give me a kiss on the cheek”.

“Now they say that natural is such a good choice to make”.

“The quality of semen can tell a man a lot about his own health because if there’s a dramatic change in taste, texture or volume it can be an indicator of something sinister that a GP should check out”.


Tracey has her own website where she regularly discusses its benefits and she has received a lot of praise.

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Rate my @loungeunderwear out of 10 for me please after you join me on 🍒 I seem to be getting messages on a daily basis at the moment saying “omg you’ve changed so much over the years!” Umm, since when? 5, 10, 15yrs ago? You mean you’ve seen pictures of me today compared to old pictures of me online or in the media? You mean I’m a woman now not a child anymore? Or I haven’t still got the exact same hair style that I had when I was 19? Maybe I have several new tattoos, hey I’ve got a new car too. I got some more dogs, passed several more exams, I like painting more often and it turns out I’m pretty good at fitness too. So, what have you been doing your whole life since you were a child? You’ve changed loads! It’s like you’re not even the same person! Funnily enough the people who know me say quite the opposite to me “hey Trace hows it going, saw you on TV the other day and you’ve not changed a bit! Good to see you’re still the same fun loving, kind and hard working girl I’ve always known, you’re looking great by the way – keep it up!” Growth is essential to life my darlings – I hate to break it to you but we can’t all be reckless 18yrs old forever. You can however love the skin you’re in, work hard to keep your body tight and look and feel your very best from inside out whilst living your life by your own rules and doing what makes you the youest version of you. I will forever celebrate and appreciate growth whilst no amount of fortune, heartache or fame will ever change my heart and soul 🙏🏼 #youvechanged #fountainofyouth #transformation #journey

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One reader wrote: “First of all thanks for u bcoz u removed the taboo feeling in society”.

Whilst another added: “I wish I was your friend. I would be so proud to think, you thought highly enough of me to want to drink my sperm”.


Yup, there you have it gang another completely bizarre health hack to get your head (not mouth) around.

Instead probably advisable to stick to washing your hands, practicing good hygiene and precaution, eating well and keeping your mind positive.