Woman Clawed By Jaguar While Taking A Selfie Says Zoo Should Improve Its Security

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 13.03.19
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I suppose this story serves as a lesson to never take dangerous animals for granted and to get the hell off your phone.

Last week, a woman reportedly crossed over a barrier near a jaguar enclosure at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona to take a photo with the big cats on show.

When she got too close, one reached out and slashed her arm leaving her with injuries and requiring medical attention, causing a bit of a media frenzy.

People rightly slammed the woman for being stupid enough to get that close to the jaguar and prayed that the zoo didn’t react by putting the animal down.

And thankfully, the Wildlife World Zoo assured its followers that the jag would be very much left alone.

The world celebrated:

Now though, the woman who was taken to hospital has spoken out about the incident, saying she has learned her lesson but that the zoo needed to review their safety standards.


Speaking to CBS News, she said: “The black jaguar was up against the fence we happened to be walking by and said ‘hey, let’s get some good pictures’.

“I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I think the zoo should consider moving their fence back.”

She went on to say:

“I never expected this.”

“I feel like we’re all human, we make mistakes and I learned my lesson.

“Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first, and if they don’t move the fence, I’m probably not going to be the last,’ she added.”

How can you blame the barrier?

If you get within swiping distance of the cage then you’re asking for trouble. I get terrified when I see kids standing up against glass looking onto a huge gorilla or lion.

One day they’re going to charge at that glass and it’s going to go through.

Still, in the aftermath of the event the wildlife park was quick to thank everyone who supported their decision to carry on looking after the jaguar.

KTNV reports Wildlife World Zoo spokesperson, Kristy Morcom, has explained the security barriers meet federal safety guidelines.

She said:

“We are taking into consideration all aspects of safety pertaining to this exhibit as well as throughout the entire park because that is our biggest concern.

People need to respect the barriers and understand they are put in place for the safety of everyone.”

Thankfully neither the woman or the jaguar suffered any long-term damage.

Hopefully she’ll have learned her lesson to spend less time engrossed in her phone and more time concerned for her own well-being.

Don’t get complacent, people.

The picture isn’t even worth it.

Images via CBS/Getty/Twitter