Woman Complaining About Safety Regulations For Electric Scooters Immediately Gets Run Over On One

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Published 13.11.19

I always sort of depend on karma sorting out the people who have wronged me in one way or another. If someone cuts me up when I’m driving, as far as I can tell, all is well with them immediately after, but I always hope that somewhere down the line, they’ll stall at a red light and someone will rear-end them.

That’s the dream.

But life seldom works out that way, and the bad people constantly get off unscathed.


Don’t be demoralised though. Just deserts are served regularly, and while sweet for us, they leave a bitter taste with their victim.

I mean, take this for example:

However, I think this next vid actually takes the biscuit. Karma at its finest.


Now, electric scooters are all the rage in big cities – especially in many Scandinavian countries. Man they’re both efficient and green.

I’m tempted to get one – but much like Boris bikes I’m too afraid because they look far too dangerous and my road sense is appalling.

There are also some concerns about the growing number of incidents involving drunk tourists taking out these speedy machines and wreaking havoc in public places. Rules and regulations – who’s a fan.


Clearly not this girl, who had a good old moan about new safety regulations.

When asked by the interviewer what the new rules meant for scooter users, she explained: “You can’t go anywhere unless it’s a cycle path or ACIRE (zones of restricted vehicle access.)”

She then scooted across on a busy road.

And got run over. Honestly it’s just hilarious.


And it’s brilliant.

Viral video of the year right here.

Thanks internet.