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Woman Confronts 'Creepy' Man Who Allegedly Followed Her And Started Sniffing Her


Instances of women being subjected to uncomfortable or unsettling experiences are regrettably not uncommon. One such incident recently made headlines when a woman confronts 'creepy' man who allegedly followed her and started sniffing her. This courageous act not only shed light on the issue of personal space and respect but also showcased the power of individual action in addressing uncomfortable situations.

A man allegedly started following Michaela Witter, a well-known TikToker with over 69.5k followers, as she was making a video of a typical day in her life in a California-based Barnes & Noble.

In the video, Michaela, 28, confronts the man who was crouching at her feet and pretending to be tying his shoes.

Woman Confronts ‘Creep’ Inside Barnes and Noble

In this particular instance, the woman decided that she would not be a passive observer of the situation. Instead, the woman confronts 'creepy' man who allegedly followed her and started sniffing her, capturing the encounter on camera and sharing it on social media platforms like TikTok. This action, born out of frustration and a desire to reclaim her personal space, resonated with countless individuals who have also dealt with uncomfortable encounters.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/woman-confronts-creepy-man-who-allegedly-followed-her-and-started-sniffing-her/ by Xander Oddity on 2023-08-16T16:15:48.799Z

Witter says in the video:

I ended up being stalked and violated in the store the entire time. I noticed a guy was staring at me… It felt like anywhere I moved he kept following me. I recorded in case he was trying to say anything or do anything to me. Then you notice that he goes over and does the same thing to this girl. He’ll crouch down low and pretend that he’s doing something and then smell? I don’t know. I feel really violated. He didn’t even touch me, but he was really close. It feels really gross and weird.- Michaela Witter

The woman's decision to confront the man serves as a symbol of empowerment. It highlights the importance of taking action and asserting oneself when faced with situations that compromise one's sense of safety and comfort.

Her actions inspired a larger conversation about the need to challenge and address unwanted behavior, reminding others that they too possess the agency to speak out against such incidents.

The video of the confrontation quickly gained traction on social media platforms, sparking conversations about personal boundaries, consent, and the responsibility of individuals to hold one another accountable.

The incident became a focal point for discussions about how society should address instances of perceived threat or discomfort, encouraging individuals to recognize the importance of creating safe spaces for everyone.

The individual, later identified as Calese Crowder, 36, showed up in court on August 14 on charges of peeping and prowling in earlier occurrences. Crowder, a stalker who has already been convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison, will now spend 60 days in county jail.


A woman confronts 'creepy' man who allegedly followed her and started sniffing her. This is a testament to the power of individual action and empowerment.

By sharing her experience and confronting the situation head-on, she ignited conversations about personal boundaries, consent, and the need for collective accountability. Her actions stand as a beacon of courage, reminding us all that every individual has the right to assert their space and demand respect, while society as a whole has a duty to foster an environment where everyone can feel safe and valued.

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