Woman Crashes Her Car Into A Wall After Seeing A Spider

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Published 12.04.19

Too many eyes and too many legs.

There’s no reason spiders should be as well equipped as they are and I really think they’re the closest thing to genuine monsters living among us.

Eight legs. EIGHT?! That’s enough to be terrifying and useful, but not too many to be a hassle, like with millipedes or several dogs taped together.

Two eyes is the perfect amount of eyes. Can’t go wrong with two. Lucky two! Nah eight again. One eye for each leg. And these aren’t normal eyes – windows to the souls and all that – these are just black beads of death and sadness.


Look, I know about the importance of preserving the ecosystem, with all of its nuanced delicacy, but would we miss the spiders? If they all just tumbled into a volcano, would that be so wrong?

Not a fan, myself. Not into spiders.

Nor, it seems, is this anonymous woman from Cairo, New York, as she crashed her car into a wall because she saw a spider. They’re history’s greatest monster. I don’t blame her.

I’m no mechanic but by the looks of things, her car is 100% written off and along with that, the woman had the pleasure of injuring her leg.


Police in Cairo – again, New York, not Egypt – shared an image of the car to Facebook, along with a post that read:

Thank you again for the help Cairo Fire, Cairo Ambulance, Greene County Medics and Greene County Sheriffs.

“After investigating today’s crash on Silver Spur Road we feel it necessary to bring up a contributing factor that is not covered too often. It is believed that the operator of the vehicle noticed a SPIDER in the drivers area with her as she was driving.

“The operator panicked and crashed suffering a leg injury from the crash.


“We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Lives depend on it.”

She knew her time had come and she tried to take the spider with her. There’s a lot to respect about this particular lady’s graft.

With that said, I seriously doubt the spider was damaged. Insects just don’t take fall damage.

Oooh Alfie, spiders aren’t insect, they’re arachnids!!

Shut up.

Images via Getty, Town of Cairo New York Police Department