Woman Disguised Herself As A Bush To Photograph Her Sister’s Engagement

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Published 01.10.19

A woman has gone viral after dressing as a bush so she could photograph the moment her sister got engaged.

So often an engagement is spoken about in such high regards that it’s a shame that they don’t really get caught on camera.

Obviously I do sometimes subscribe to the whole “live in the moment” thing and not needing to take a picture of everything, but it feels like it would be good if you could get a picture of an engagement without it seeming far too contrived and giving the surprise away.


That’s where Therese Merkel, from Wisconsin, comes in, as, after getting the go ahead from her sister’s husband-to-be, she dressed up as a bush so she could sneakily take pictures of her sister’s big moment.

sister engagement bush

She explained:

Andrew and I started devising about a month prior.

We had an hour-long phone call where he, one; asked for my approval to be wed as me and my sister are incredibly close, so I’m like the second string of parents he has to go through. And then two; come up with something great for this huge moment.


We tossed some ideas back and forth and had the basics down like location and that I had to somehow be there videotaping it.

I used to have a knack for videos and vlogging back in my prime.

Myself and Andrew got together a week prior to walk the trail and actually come up with the plan.


sister's engagement disguise

We tossed some ridiculous ideas around – maybe we should pretend I’m injured and have to call the ambulance and then Andrew would turn around instead of the medic and propose but we thought that was too aggressive.

But then I was like ‘what if I was a bush?’ We geeked and Andrew is the one who really ran with it… then it got real.”

With that, the 23-year-old gillied up – like that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – mission and hid as the romance unfolded before her very eyes.


I had the perfect view of the whole thing. He wrote her a loving poem, and then got down on one knee…

How lovely. It looks like it was worth it.

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