A woman who has since been named ‘Naked Athena’ went viral after she stood up to riot police completely nude – barring a hat and a mask – and eventually scared them off.

Just keeps throwing new, weird stuff at us, this year, doesn’t it? Kanye’s being more Kanye than he’s ever been before, there’s a pandemic on the loose, Amber Heard sh*t the bed and now naked people are scaring off riot police.

I say “people”; as far as I know there’s only one, who squared off against the law in Portland during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Call me a scab or whatever the word is, but I’ve never actually protested anything. I’ve been passionately against things, of course, but I’ve never found the time to join a crowd and shout about things. If I didn’t have to write about basically everything that happens in the world, then I would definitely be showing my face in the BLM protests, but I feel like if I was there and a naked woman decided to show up and stand off against the police, that would sort of detract from the sentiment of it all.

It’s a Black Lives Matter protest, after all, and some white woman has decided fReAk ThE pOlIcE oUt by showing up naked and stand ten metres away from them while they shoot pepper balls at her.

Throughout the night of the 18th of July, Donovan Farley live-tweeted images and updates from the protest, in which he named the woman ‘Naked Athena,’ and commended her bravery in the confrontation that she more or less won.

It’s genuinely bizarre and I suppose good in that the woman is protesting for the BLM movement, but it’s such a weird method.

Don’t get me wrong, it worked and by all accounts she scared the police off, so I guess we should congratulate her, but geez.

At no point is a white woman being naked and sort-of making the protest about herself helping the cause of black people being mistreated and killed by the police. Employers aren’t going to see this and think “yeah we should hire more black people and pay them well, actually” in the same way that police arresting a black man won’t think “I want to put my knee on this guy’s neck, but seeing that naked woman has made me think otherwise”.

These tweets sum it up for me…