Woman fined £660 for refusing to tell police why she was outside when confronted at Newcastle railway station

And you thought you couldn’t afford to go out before the country went into lockdown.

The woman in question was arrested by police in Newcastle for breaking new coronavirus lockdown measures and fined £660.

According to the police, 41-year-old Marie Dinou was confronted on a platform at Newcastle railway station on Saturday 28th March, and asked about her “essential travel”. Dinou refused to answer and was arrested for breaching the new Coronavirus Act 2020, as well as a ticket fraud. She was later found guilty in court and fined £660.

The British Transport Police said in a statement:

“On Saturday 28 March at around 8am, officers at Newcastle Central station received a report from rail staff of a woman loitering between platforms.

“They approached Dinou and engaged with her in an attempt to understand her reasons for essential travel, but following several more attempts by officers to explain and encourage she refused to speak to officers.

“Having explored all options, Dinou was arrested on suspicion of travel fraud and breaching the restrictions imposed under the new Coronavirus Act 2020.”

I have to say, I have mixed thoughts on this one, but do bear in mind lockdown is making me paranoid and I can’t stop watching apocalyptic thrillers. That copy of Animal Farm’s been staring from the bookcase for a few days now, too.

I think the government has every right to give the police these powers right now, because clearly, some Brits are incapable of following basic f*cking nursery school instructions that will literally help self lives. However, now I’m slightly concerned that I’m going to get nicked just for sitting down for five minutes halfway through my daily run.

Also, if I lost £660 right now, I would literally have to remain perfectly still in my bedroom – giving u all essential food and entertainment – for the next four weeks. I guess the above is an extreme case, but still.

Under new nationwide laws, police officers can now issue £60 on-the-spot fines to away from their home without a reasonable excuse, if they refuse a request to go home.

Basically, just don’t go outside unless you need to exercise, pick up food or help someone in need. Protect the NHS and your bank account. 

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