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Woman Fined Hundreds Of Dollars For Driving Half Car


Woman fined hundreds of dollars for driving half car.A woman from Brighton, Australia, was recently fined hundreds of dollars for operating a severely damaged vehicle commonly referred to as a 'half car'.

Despite being issued a defect notice warning her not to drive the car, the woman still got behind the wheel and ended up with a hefty fine and demerit points.

Woman Fined Hundreds of Dollars for Driving Half Car in Australia

Over the weekend, police in Australia were left stunned after spotting a severely damaged vehicle heading towards them.

The car, a black 2022 Hyundai Palisade, had no windscreen or back window and was missing panels that were meant to cover the engine.

The vehicle looked like something that Cruella de Vil or Satan himself would drive, but instead, it was driven by a 41-year-old womanfrom Brighton.

What's even more surprising is that the woman had already been issued a defect notice by police warning her not to drive the car as it was unsafe. However, the woman didn't seem to care and drove the car anyways, leading to a second fine of AUD$740 (£407, USD$496) and three demerit points.

Victoria Police shared images of the car online along with a checklist, highlighting the missing parts of the vehicle.

The police statement read, "Officers couldn’t believe their eyes when this vehicle drove past them on McIntyre Road in Sunshine North on Saturday. The driver had already been issued with a defect notice by police on Wednesday, warned it was unsafe and not to drive it."

Car missing half its front spotted driving on Victorian roads | 9 News Australia

This incident is similar to another case that occurred in NSW in 2019, where a driver was caught with a trampoline on top of their car.

While it may seem funny, drivingwith severely damaged vehicles or transporting oversized objects can put drivers and others on the road in danger. It's important to follow the rules and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive before hitting the road.


In conclusion, it's important to follow traffic laws and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive before hitting the road. Driving with severely damaged vehicles or transporting oversized objects can put drivers and others on the road in danger, as evidenced by the recent incident in Australia.

Let's all prioritize safety on the road to avoid such accidents and ensure the well-being of all drivers and passengers.

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