Woman’s Story About Chicken Nuggets, Her Bra And A Guy She Took Home Is Disastrous

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News
Published 13.03.19
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Bras are an alien concept that I’ve never been able to grasp.

I remember wondering around M&S’s lingerie section as a kid (as I was with my mum, I didn’t just go in there for a laugh) and thinking to myself that this was a world I would never fully comprehend.

Strapless, seamless, push-up, padded, plunge – a seemingly never-ending Willy Wonka-esque emporium of the most delicate undergarments all carefully placed on vacant, dead-eyed humanoids (mannequins).

It was like a nightmare – no wonder I grew up fearing and unable to work them.

However, in my own personal experience, I’ve never, ever been disappointed with the contents of a bra once opened. They’re like a box of Celebrations.

But just when I thought they couldn’t get any better, I hear this story about one woman, a load of chicken nuggets and some bloke she pulled on a night out.

One hungry mum,¬†Anouska Moss, was on a night out and knew she’d get hungry as the night panned out. Pre-empting her stomach rumbles, she stuffed a load of chicken nuggets down her bra to be gorged on later in the night.

However, with the drinks a flowin’, she forget they were there and pulled a guy in a club.

She recalls what happened next and it’s a disaster. A hilarious disaster.


“Forgot about them, took some lad home with me and he undone my bra and loads of chicken nuggets just came falling out,”¬†the 22 year-old mum-of-one said.


Imagine the look on the guy’s face. He must have been loving it; boobs and chicken nuggets at the same time, does it get any better?

However, many users have questioned whether the 22-year-old’s story is true, accusing her of fake news.

“I wish it weren’t true,” she stated.

Apparently though this is definitely a thing. One person said, “the amount of things I’ve put in my bra and then forgot about is surprising. It’s easier than you’d think,” while another commented, “once I looked for my phone for 10 minutes only to realise I had shoved it in my bra.”

I wouldn’t know but where I can relate is that I once sneaked a hot cross bun into a club by shoving it down my pants. Had it in the cab on the way home and yeah, it was decent.

Did make me realise how easy it is to smuggle stuff into clubs though.

Probably shouldn’t tell you that.

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