Woman Found Her Husband’s Tinder Account And Brilliantly Used It Against Him

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Published 11.03.19
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I’m ashamed to say that, in the brief periods I ever found myself in a relationship, I never deleted my Tinder account; just the app.

Deleting the account just seemed so serious and in my little mind, deleting the app was just as good and when my relationship got serious, then I’d delete my account.

The issue was that I’d have to redownload Tinder to delete my account and would presumably see all of the progress I’d made while people had been swiping me in my absence.

Luckily for me, none of my relationships have lasted over three months. Yeah, I’m a real winner.

With all of that said though, if I were a married man, I’d for sure not have Tinder and if I were the kind of dirtbag to actively seek out matches on the app whilst married, I’d probably get a burner phone or something?

What I’m trying to say is don’t cheat on your wife, but if you’re going to, don’t be stupid about it and blatantly have Tinder installed on your phone… but mainly the former point.

Mike didn’t listen to my advice, and his wife found his Tinder account that he was clearly using to cheat on her with. Obviously I’m not happy about the infidelity but ultimately it’s probably a good thing that Mike’s (ex) wife found out when she did.

Get away from that pr*ck asap…

Quite a scathing review of him. Firm but dangerously fair.

I’m not here to body-shame – really – but the mind boggles as to why Mike chose that picture to use on the app he uses to have sex with people.

The account was screenshotted and ended up on Reddit, amassing 14,300 upvotes.

I wonder if he got any matches..?

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