Woman Gets ‘White Lives Matter’ Tattooed On Her Arm In The McDonald’s Font

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News
Published 11.06.20

The Black Lives Matter movement has kicked into gear in ways that no-one would have predicted since the police murder of George Floyd,  with protests sparking up around the world calling for governments to deal with the issue of systemic racism and put forward real reform.

Nearly all people recognise the plight of black people and the challenges they face every day, but there are some who downplay this struggle by claiming ‘All Lives Matter’.

Well of course all lives matter. No one is disputing that, it’s a trite statement. The issue is that there’s a huge disparity between how black and white people are treated by government and police, and that the kind of brutality witnessed in the George Floyd case is not something that white people, on the whole, have to face.

Then there’s the White Lives Matter movement, which essentially started out as a movement by largely misguided and misinformed people, and is now, for all intents and purposes, a Neo-Nazi organisation promoting white supremacy and facist ideology.

So why this woman decided to get a tattoo of that slogan, in the McDonald’s font no less, is utterly confusing.

Terrible tattoo.

Awful font too. I mean, is there a more damning condemnation of corporate America? McDonald’s and White Lives Matter.

Grim – and completely misses the point of BLM.

Needless to say the comments were pretty eye-opening, and very funny.

At least it’s spawned a few good comments.

If you thought the tasteless tats had ended there, though, you’d be wrong, as in other completely bonkers tattoo news, people have already been getting Coronavirus tattoos, because why wouldn’t you want to mark a global pandemic with some ink?

Check out these monstrosities:

Bad. Very bad.

Do these people not realise they have to bear these forever? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t.