A woman was taken to hospital after enduring a ‘never-ending’ orgasm. 

As far as horror stories in the bedroom go, you wouldn’t think this one was so bad. 

However, a woman has described her never ending orgasm as ‘very physically, emotionally and mentally taxing’. 

Liz is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Sex Sent Me To The ER, where she tells the bizarre story of how she ended up in hospital following an eternal orgasm. 

Liz and her partner Eric had started the day with what the Metro describes as a ‘quickie’. Though from the sounds of it, the aftermath was anything but quick. 

Following the aforementioned ‘quickie’, Liz endured an orgasm which lasted nearly 4 hours. She said she tried everything she could to get it to stop.

She drank wine and took antihistamines in a valiant attempt to curb the continuous climax. However, nothing worked, so she headed to the emergency room. 

Speaking about the experience, Liz said: ‘most people who have never been through this experience would think having a five minute orgasm or an hour long orgasm would be a really, really awesome experience,’

“Until you actually experience it. I had to call in and tell my boss that I wasn’t feeling very well. I ended up calling every medical professional I’ve ever seen in my life to try and get somebody to give me an answer!”

Liz then explained to medical professionals what had happened, hoping they would be able to help. 

Whilst waiting for treatment, and having had nearly 4 hours of involuntary pleasure, Liz’s orgasm suddenly stopped. 

Liz explains: “so they went to the dispensary to try and get the Valium, and when they were still writing out the paperwork, I stopped,”

“At first, it was just sheer disbelief. I didn’t believe it and I was afraid that it was going to start right back up.”

Thinking that she was out in the clear, Liz left the hospital. However, the nightmare continues. 

Shortly after leaving the hospital, she started experiencing orgasms randomly. Without any stimulation whatsoever, Liz would suddenly have an orgasm. 

Liz revealed that “initially, it was just like after sex, and then it got to the point where I would be doing whatever – watching TV, walking down the street – and I would have an orgasm out of the blue,”

‘‘I would have as many as 12 spontaneous prolonged orgasms in one day.’

Eventually, following numerous tests, Liz was prescribed anti-seizure medication. This helps her to manage the orgasms. 

Liz stated that she ‘got down to where I was having them only daily, and then I was having them only every other day, and then it was about once a week, and then maybe it was about once a month,’

‘It took about four, maybe five months before they were completely under control.’ 

Now, Liz says she has a very happy sex life and that’s a really great feeling’.