A woman has baked her own take on the classic Colin the Caterpillar cake as she made a Biscoff caterpillar cake.

The craze for Biscoff is very much here to last. I genuinely thought the desire for those little biscuits you’re given at posh hairdressers would die off, but people are obsessed and rightly so.

With that, and with the fact that everyone in the world now thinks they’re an expert baker, Biscoff baking is a huge craze and one woman has made a delicious Biscoff caterpillar cake that you can make too.

The good news for many is that this cake seems to be entirely vegan, as it comes courtesy of Beth, who runs the Instagram page and blog Vecreation.

vegan biscoff caterpillar cake

It looks pretty amazing and you could even argue that eating the cake – named Charlie – would seem like a huge shame. Regardless, we all want to eat this guy and very handily for us, Tyla got in touch with Beth and found out how to make one…

Beth explained the magic behind her cake, saying:

We all love Biscoff (especially in the vegan community) and we all love the British national treasure that is the caterpillar cake!

Bringing together the nostalgia of the past and the excitement of the present felt very exciting!

I developed a vegan swiss roll recipe and a custom caterpillar face called Charlie so those in the vegan community can enjoy the idea too! Coming together is always the way, even in baking.

Making a cake was also the only way to stop me eating a whole jar of Biscoff in one go!

That’s more or less it from me now, as the rest of this is basically a copy-and-paste job from the Vecreation site as I go through the ingredients and directions…

Sponge Ingredients:

158g AQUAFABA (straight from a supermarket can of chickpeas)

38g VEGAN WHITE CHOCOLATE (Sainsburys own)






Decoration & Filling Ingredients:

200g VEGAN WHITE CHOCOLATE (Sainsburys own)

20g BISCOFF SPREAD (for the chocolate)

6 x TBS BISCOFF SPREAD (for the filling)



You will need a 33cm x 23cm baking tray or swiss roll tray.

Pre-heat your oven to 180C (fan oven)

Line the tray with baking paper leaving longer pieces at each end.

biscoff caterpillar cake

Add flour and baking powder to a bowl and mix.

In a saucepan, add the aquafaba, sugar, vanilla and 38g chocolate and heat on a medium heat until just melted, stir well.

Add all the wet mixture to the flour/baking powder and mix until it is a nice thick, smooth batter.

Add the batter to the pan and spread it out to all the edges, shake the pan to get the batter as level as possible.

vegan biscoff cake

Cook for exactly 7 minutes.

Straight from the oven; remove the cake on the greaseproof paper to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely.

biscoff caterpillar cake

Spoon the 6 TBS of Biscoff spread onto your cooled cake and spread evenly over the cake.

Using the greaseproof paper to help you; gently roll the cake. You should end up with a nice cylinder wrapped in greaseproof paper, keep the seam side down and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Crush your biscuits

Gently unwrap your cake and put on a cooling rack with something to catch the excess chocolate underneath. (I would recommend putting a small strip of greaseproof underneath your cake to help you lift it off)

On a low heat; melt together the 200g white chocolate with the 20g Biscoff spread, once melted pour the chocolate all over the cake, sprinkle on your biscuits and place in the fridge again until the chocolate has set. Keep the excess chocolate for the drizzle which you can do when the chocolate has set.

The cake benefits from being eaten the next day when all the flavours have infused (If you can wait that long!)


Well, I know what I’m doing after work.

Images via Vecreation