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Woman Quits Her Job To Be A Full-Time Witch, Earns Thousands Monthly


A woman quits her job to be a full-time witch. The Welsh beautician has traded in her make-up brushes for a magic wand to become a full-time witch, and is now earning thousands every month from her spellbinding business.

Welsh Beautician Quits Job To Become Full-Time Witch, Earns Thousands Monthly

Jessica Caldwell, 29, from Swansea, has always felt a pull towards witchcraft, and after discovering a paranormal group on Facebook in 2019, she became obsessed with learning more. She began to splurge on spell books, tarot cards, and crystals, and quickly set up a social media account for her new business.

"I've always been a witch," Caldwell said. "I just never had the tools to utilise my power until now. Intuition is a powerful tool that I never realised I used in my daily life. Now I utilise it within my readings with complete strangers."

Jessica Caldwell wearing black clothing sitting in front of a tarot spread on a black table
Jessica Caldwell wearing black clothing sitting in front of a tarot spread on a black table

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Caldwell now services more than 5,000 clients who all need her magic touch in one way or another. She works exclusively on social media and earns three times more than she did at the salon. Her business has swelled since 2020, when she began to charge for her magical mends.

"People want to know what their partner thinks about them," Caldwell said. "Sometimes I do have to tell them the brutal truth. Some people just want a nice chat which can be just as helpful as a reading. I also give free advice on spell work and spirituality. I show people how to create protection charms. I even show them how to attract people to you."

Despite initial concerns from friends and family, Caldwell's success has won them over. "My friends and family were worried when I started working full-time," she said. "But once I started to earn good money they supported me."

Caldwell's interest in witchcraft may seem unusual to some, but it is part of a growing trend towards spiritual practices and alternative forms of healing. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey, 62% of Americans believe in some form of spirituality or supernatural power.

Caldwell's story is a reminder that following your passion, no matter how unconventional it may seem, can lead to success.

I felt like it was a pull towards it all, it felt really natural to me.- Jessica Caldwell


Jessica Caldwell's journey from a beautician to a full-time witch is a powerful example of how following your passion can lead to success. Her fascination with witchcraft, once considered unconventional, has turned into a thriving business, where she helps over 5,000 clients through social media.

Despite initial doubts from her friends and family, Caldwell's determination and hard work have paid off, and she now earns three times more than she did before. Her story serves as a reminder that we all have the power to pursue what we love, no matter how unusual it may seem to others.

With passion and dedication, anything is possible, and we can all learn from Caldwell's inspirational journey towards fulfilling her dreams.

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