A Danish woman has said she will not shave her facial hair because she wants to ‘weed out’ bad dates. 

Eldina Jaganjac is a 31-year-old Danish tutor from Copenhagen. Growing up, she began to feel very frustrated at the expectations and standards placed upon women. 

In particular, she noted the disparity between what is acceptable hair for men and what is acceptable hair for women. 

Eldina decided to stop using tweezers on her eyebrows in March last year. She also stopped shaving the hair on her upper lip. 

Jaganjac realised that she felt just as feminine leaving the hair there as she did when she was removing it.

Eldina has dealt with a lot of nasty reactions from men about her hair.

As well as staring at her eyebrows,  men have shouted ‘pluck that’ at her. Though this isn’t ideal, it does help Eldina sieve out the type of people she does not want to be around. 

Eldina is of the opinion that her un-plucked unibrow and unshaved facial hair gives her the ability to weed out those men who don’t want to be with her simply based on her looks.

She said: ‘Before I let my unibrow grow out, I did feel like there were extremely limited options to how women were supposed to look. 

‘If a man doesn’t shave and doesn’t pluck his eyebrows, no one notices or comments and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.’

Eldina continued: ‘Just like many other women, I have learned to police myself.

For instance, I used to not feel comfortable going outside unless my eyebrows were the accepted small size, and I wouldn’t go to the gym unless my legs were clean shaven.’

She further added: ‘Now, I’ve chosen to focus on the tasks and goals that I need to have done and less on how I appear while doing them and whether people like me or not, because I probably won’t ever see them again, and if I do, I still don’t care.’

Eldina admitted that it ‘was uncomfortable at first, but if some people have nothing to do other than yell at strangers, then so be it.’

She said:“I think it’s hard to understand gender roles when you are a teenager and you are growing up, so I think seeing a woman doing something that is considered less feminine confuses these teenagers and they let it out on me because they start to question their own norms and understanding of what it means to be a man.

“I have noticed a few grown men stare at my unshaven legs and my eyebrows like I had a third head.”

Unibrow Pride

Eldina is not the first to make the decision to leave facial hair on her face, however.
Numerous girls on TikTok are owning their style and showing their unibrow to the world.

Haylee Michalski is a TikToker who flaunts her unibrow often on the app, and her bio reads: ‘just a girl and her brow #unibrowpride’.

She has replied to comments left by trolls asking if she is going to shave her brow saying ‘I can…but I don’t want to’.


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