A woman who now works for TikTok has shared what it was like working for Instagram and it’s genuinely a wonder she ever left.

Seriously, this looks like the most amazing work environment ever. It’s bizarre that someone would choose to leave to go to TikTok of all places. They must have offered her a bloody shedload.

Christen Nino de Guzman is the woman in question, who previously worked for Pinterest and Instagram and now works for TikTok, and posting on said company, she showed what her old workplace was like.

It genuinely looks amazing; the sort of place that if you worked there, you’d never really want to leave and go home.


A day in the life at #work when i used to work at Instagram #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo I did actually work I swear lolol.

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For a start, there’s nonstop free food that looks absolutely gorgeous and the “campus” in San Francisco is designed to look a bit like Disneyland, which is very delightful.

Christen explains:

The campus is over 250 acres, so sometimes you have to ride your bike to get to meetings because it’s over 30 buildings“.

Furthermore, if you ever have to fly anywhere for work, you’re sent via first class and it looks amazing. Speaking of the company’s attitude towards their workers and other benefits, Christen told Buzzfeed:

The food is great, but the best thing about the big tech companies I’ve worked for are that they are really employee-focused and have mastered the ability to make the employee experience engaging, empowering, and — despite having thousands of employees — they make each employee feel unique and valued.

They make a conscious effort to amplify voices of diverse employees — creating more equal opportunity, which is huge for someone like me who is Peruvian!

Working at Instagram, aside from the obvious perks that I highlighted in my video, was the opportunity of a lifetime! I am so thankful to have worked with some of the best in the business, who truly care about every single employee (full-time and contract). Companies like Pinterest and Instagram allow employees to work with global and cross-functional teams, which gives employees visibility and exposure to other areas within the company that are outside of their daily job description!

Why oh why would you leave?