I don’t know about you, but this seems somewhat of a vacuous debate considering our current realities, but it does remind me of the age-old argument on whether tomato ketchup belongs in the cupboard or the fridge.

For me, it’s always kept in the fridge once opened, but each to their own.

I’m not one for warm ketchup on my fries to be honest but sometimes it boils down to a lack of space.

Another similar debate concerns chocolate, and more specifically, where it’s best stored.

Personally, I hate hard, chilled chocolate, and can see how one woman managed to spark a pretty intense debate after she insisted that chocolate belongs in the fridge.

It’s one of those first world debates, I guess.


In a tweet posted on Saturday, which has now gone viral, Twitter user Kira Smith rather controversially said: “Chocolate belongs in the fridge don’t care what anyone says”.


The tweet has since racked up more than 1.9k retweets and 14.3k likes and a heated debate in the thread.

Of course, there are many who agreed saying:


Whilst others argued it belonged firmly in the cupboard:

Some pointed out that putting chocolate in the fridge made it difficult to eat and I have to agree it’s more like a gnaw rather than a melt in the mouth soft gooey suck.


And, of course, when sold in the shops it is kept on the shelves and not refrigerated.


Should be point proven, right?

But evidently not.


And there had to be a Twitter user with an answer to that:

Just to add another twist to the argument, one Twitter user stated that it actually belonged in the freezer (of all places).

Ok smartypants.

If I fancied chipping my two front teeth, I’d probably give it a good go, but with it being so difficult to get into see my dentist as it is – I’ll pass.

So, where does one go to get a reputable answer?

Usually Google comes up trumps, so we’ll share what we found to settle the debate once and for all.

Luke Own Smith a ‘chocolate judge’ from New Zealand (if you ever) stated that chocolate should always be kept a room temperature and not chilled.

In fact, he went as far as to say that even in heat wave situations it is best to avoid storing chocolate in the fridge ‘at all costs’.

Owen, who owns The Chocolate Bar and is widely known for his monthly boxes of quality craft chocolate bars, said that chocolate stored in the fridge becomes ‘dull’ and ‘doesn’t release the flavours’.

Aha, I knew that there was something off with the flavour of my chocolate when I’d grabbed my half an Easter egg shell out of the fridge over the weekend.

In normal times, I wouldn’t have even bothered to chill it but honestly, my house was like the inside of an oven and I really wanted to save it for later.

Lesson learnt though – always at room temperature folks.

And if the heat is causing chocolate to melt into a soupy mess, Owen advises that you keep the chocolate in a sealed container in the fridge and leaving it to reach room temperature for a while before eating.

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