Woman Uses Her Birthday Speech To Break Up With Cheating Boyfriend

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Published 22.03.19

Disclaimer: I’m a coward, so if I have to break up with someone (which doesn’t happen often) I tend to try and do that over text. Yeah I know I’m a scumbag but last time I tried breaking up with someone in person, I got talked out of it and ended up having a really boring few months until I ended it properly.


I guess if I’d been cheated on, that would have made the breakup easier, but that wasn’t the case. I’ve been quite lucky like that, I suppose.

That said, if I got cheated on, I’m not sure I’d be one of those people who make a big song and dance about the breakup. I wouldn’t want the attention (and for people to know that I wasn’t good enough for whoever cheated on me).

22-year-old Tiana Perea, from Houston, Texas, made a show of dumping her cheating boyfriend and I’ve got to say, she did it with style.


It was at her birthday party when she was goaded into making a speech. It did seem like all of her friends were in on it though, and knew exactly what to expect.

Tiana’s ex had been sexting another girl, trying to arrange a friends-with-benefits setup which Tiana had clearly come across and sent the evidence around to her friends.

After thanking her friends for the turnout, she says:

I would like to thank Santos for making me realise that I deserve so much better, because every single person here knows that you were trying to talk to some girl about being friends with benefits.


Literally all of us have seen screenshots and screen recordings of everything you’ve sent her, especially within the past few days and how you were sexting her and sending her videos. You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today.

Pretty damning evidence right there.

She then concluded, saying:

Yeah, so, in case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f*ck out.

She then got a standing ovation from her friends, a couple of which embraced her for her troubles.


To her credit, she seems remarkably happy with the situation she found herself in. Maybe she got a lot of crying out of the way before the party… either that or she just doesn’t care much. Either works.

Happy Birthday, Tiana x 

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