Woman Who Spent Thousands To Look Like A Blow-Up Doll Reveals Shocking Pre-Surgery Pics

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Published 11.06.20

24- year old, Mary Magdalene, from Toronto, Canada, has an impressive following on social media thanks to her “blow-up doll” appearance.

Stating in her bio she’d “rather be full of plastic than full of s***”, Mary is a 5ft7 Gemini, professional ‘THOT’ and self-confessed “wild child”.

So the kind of girl your mum would love, basically.

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Bday sweetii🧜‍♀️❤️😘

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Mary’s even had fat injected into her and says she feels “horny” when she looks at herself in the mirror confessing to causing “car accidents” when admirers catch sight of her when they are driving.

In August last year, the Instagram model revealed she had spent a whopping $100,000 on plastic surgery since getting her first procedure at the age of 21.

She says she now feels more “confident” and since having the fat injections in her lady parts loves “showing it off in clothes”.

“My favourite type of cleavage now is my camel toe. Although when I bend over it looks like I have a ball-sack”, she reveals.

Mary has also undergone a brow lift, boob job, had fat transferred to her cheeks and lips twice, three nose jobs, three boob jobs, twenty dental veneers, countless lip fillers and three Brazilian butt-lifts.

Per the New York Post, she’s even a “custom-designed” vagina, which has resulted in swelling and pain that requires frequent medical consultations. Despite this, though, she claims that her inflated privates give her a certain prowess in the bedroom, according to The Post.


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do u think my dog looks like Jeff Daniels?

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So yeah, she has a pretty recognisable look.

But it wasn’t always like that, obviously….

She’s taken to the ol’ Gram to share what she looked like before and it’s a pretty remarkable transformation.

Check her out pre-surgery.

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Throwback Thursday lmaoooo

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Throwback hotness

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Sporty sweeti lol

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So innocent back then.

I’m not going to lie this woman scares me. A lot.

She’d absolutely eat me for breakfast, and in a kind of sick, twisted way, I quite like that thought.


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