This woman wants to marry her chandelier and here I am writing about it.

Previously in a self-proclaimed relationship with the Statue of Liberty, Amanda Liberty (she changed her name to match the landmark’s) has now decided she’s more into her light.

Each to their own and all that, but my god… a chandelier?! I just don’t get it. We didn’t get all of this when everyone had to pull together in the Blitz, did we? Just people doing their part.


35-year-old Amanda from London is what’s known as an “objectophile”, and is one of apparently many people who are sexually attracted to things, rather than people.

As stated earlier, Amanda was initially in a “relationship” with the Statue of Liberty, but she called that off because she couldn’t hack the long-distance side of their relationship. They remain friends though.

Since then – and since watching the live-action Beauty and the Beast – Ms Liberty decided lights where her bag, first getting with a candelabra called Lumiere and now with a chandelier also called Lumiere.


Imagine your fiancee still having loads of pictures of their ex around the house…

Writing on a Facebook page that she created for like-minded individuals, Amanda explained:

I don’t even completely understand it myself, but I still accept it as part of who I am. My chandeliers make me so happy and full of joy and completely fulfilled.

She went on to tell of a dream she had, where the Queen introduced her to all of her own chandeliers as they needed cleaning…

They let me operate the chandelier lift in the music room (something I would really love to do!) to bring one of the chandeliers down for closer inspection.


I walked around her. And I told the Queen how beautiful her chandelier was…Then, before I could do more, I woke up. Dang it.”

To be fair, I do hate it when I wake up just as my dream starts to get more interesting.

Amanda has hopes to marry Lumiere – a woman, apparently – soon enough, and keeps people updated on Facebook.

Images via Facebook