A woman said to be living a “50s lifestyle” has sparked a debate on Facebook, with many claiming she’s living in an age gone by.

In a post in the Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise Facebook group, mother-of-four Brooke Smith from Brisbane, shared how she never went to sleep unless certain tasks were done — even if it meant a late night.


“I always make sure I don’t go to bed until everyone’s lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day — including my husband’s — and the house is clean, dishwasher is on and load of washing is on,” she wrote.

“Sometimes it means I get to bed at 9, sometimes that means I get to bed at midnight.”


Brooke said that she “always” got up at the same time each day in order to make her husband breakfast.

“I always get up early (4.30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee), to make time for me, have a hot coffee and do my hair,” she said.


“(I) get a little peace and quiet meditation/exercise in and do my face for the day.”

Brooke ended her post by saying that a “happy mum equals happy household” and encouraged others not to leave things unfinished the night before.


“Do it even when you feel like not doing it, because you’ll be happy for it the next day,” she said.

Weirdly, the post proved to be divisive, as some praised her dedication while other said she did way too much work.


One person said: “I used to be like this ’til I started working full time. No way could I do all of that and work full time. Everyone pulls their weight now.”

A second added: “That’s lovely you do that, but in my marriage it is an equal partnership and therefore we share the load.

“I have a husband who works full time and yet does cleaning, cooking and taking care of our child.”


However, some said it was an archaic way of living.

“My Mum used to do this for my Dad. Dad was born in 1929 and Mum was born in 1931,” one said.

“It’s currently 2020. My husband does his own washing, My kids make their own breakfast,” another wrote.


Speaking to news.com.au Brooke said she wasn’t surprised her post had sparked such a divisive reaction.

There’s always a mix of negative and positive feedback on anything you post on Facebook but yeah, I think there’s a lot of women assuming that I’m living a ’50s lifestyle, and that I shouldn’t baby my husband,” she said.

“But I think that if someone works hard in the sun all day and now after hours to make their business work, I think it is the least I can do and he shouldn’t be expected to come home and cook and clean.”


I honestly really don’t see the fuss here – it’s her decision, let her do what she wants!

Sounds like a great, committed mother to me.

Shame more people can’t be like that.

Images via Facebook