We’ve all been there, “accidentally” ordering things we didn’t need or smuggling shopping into the house.

One woman had a genuine excuse though, after she says her Amazon Echo – also known as Alexa – ordered three sex toys when she was watching the latest Borat film.

26-year-old Katie Brown was charged £107 for three Fleshlight toys.

Her brother Bobby says the device overheard the instructions while they were watching Borat 2.

The same thing happens to Borat in the movie when he tries to order three flashlights with an Alexa, but receives the adult toys instead.

Katie told The Sun: “My Alexa was next to the TV. When she went off my brother knew it had happened and came to me to check. I was in stitches but then I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, £107? I need to cancel this as quickly as I can’.”

Katie says she got a full refund and changed the settings on her Alexa so it wouldn’t place any other orders, and added: “My advice would be, ‘Don’t put your Alexa next to the television’. It’s a lesson learned.”

Amazon insists: “When customers order using Alexa, the item will not automatically be purchased, but rather added to your shopping cart. Our policy does not allow adult items to be purchased in the UK using Alexa. We have investigated this claim and have not been able to replicate this behaviour. In addition, Alexa will ask for confirmation when a customer asks to purchase an item.”


Images via Alamy