Woman’s ‘Anti-Selfie’ Campaign Is The Best Thing On Instagram

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 08.04.19

Selfies are pretty hit and miss.

Sometimes they can be fun, like when someone’s posing with an animal, but other times when they show you something and say “here’s me in Venice,” and then it’s just a picture of their face with a tiny bit of a canal in the background, you sort of realise that things have gone too far.

Campaigning against selfies is one woman behind what’s know as STEFDIES. Basically she makes an effort to look dead in every picture and the results are great.


Speaking of her project, she said:

Each photo is an “anti-selfie” that strives to get back to the roots of what a photograph was intended to be- a captured moment in time.”

She pull it off brilliantly.





Stunning work.

I really like that she doesn’t actually seem to warn anyone – except the photographer – what she’s about to do. Just look at the people around her in the photos…


You have to hand it to her, these pictures are better than selfies.

Images via Instagram