Woman’s Attempt At Grooming Her Dog In Isolation Ends In Disaster

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Published 17.04.20

Fears of coming out of self-isolation looking like a prehistoric caveman are very much real, so much so that many of us, myself included, are entrusting our relatives with hair-cutting duties.

The perils of quarantine measures imposed by the UK government to slow the spread of coronavirus have well and truly taken their toll, and the ones who are really paying dearly are the people who forgot to get their haircut before everywhere shut down.

Sadly, though, many of our relatives aren’t accustomed to cutting barnets, resulting in disasters such as these.

However, it’s not just us humans who need a trim from time to time, as doggos also need a chop in this here hot weather.

Sydney resident Hermione tried to take matters into her own hands and groom her pet dog Mash, but she learned the hard-way that giving someone a trim isn’t as easy as it looks.

She wrote on Instagram: “Take it from Mash and wait until the professionals are back.”

Take a look at the results:

It’s not great.

I wonder if Marsh had that same feeling as I do when I’m at the barbers and I know they’ve taken too much off but I’m too polite to say anything.

You convince yourself it’s only hair and it’ll grow back but you can feel your blood boiling as they continue to hack away at it.

The worst thing is when they get a mirror up to the back off your head when they’ve finished, and – even though you’re seething –  you have to go through the  ‘yeah’, ‘sound’, ‘looks great, pal, cheers’ spiel before you can get up and put your coat on.

Is there any other circumstance where you so willingly pay for a service you’re unhappy with?

Anyway, I went off on a massive tangent there, and although I’m sure Marsh feels incensed at his owner’s handy work, there’s not a lot he can do right now.

If you’re reading this ol’ pal, just think of better times when you were full of hair and hanging out in what appears to be some sort of cave.

Chin up Marsh – at least you haven’t got to go outside for a while.

Images via Instagram