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Woman's Boyfriend Had INSANE Spreadsheet For Everything He Bought For Her


We all know that relationships are an investment, but one young man went a step further than others by establishing a spreadsheet to track just how much he spent on his other half. A woman's boyfriend had insane spreadsheet for everything he bought for her.

He decided to use a spreadsheet to track everything he spent on his fiancée, down to the last penny. Seriously. The entire thing is currently on TikTok.

Boyfriend Spreadsheet Case

The guy's ex-girlfriend, Maddy, then went on TikTok to talk about how her woman's boyfriend had insane spreadsheet for everything he bought for her.

"When my ex-bf charged me $3 for a banana and a piece of toast and sent me monthly excel spreadsheets of the money I owed him and I had no idea that's not how normal relationships worked,"she captioned the video.

This was followed by the lines, "I remember when I lost my mind."

Maddy mentioned that she received the spreadsheets monthly and that they were color coded to help her know how much she owed her ex. She revealed:

He would send me about one of these a month and as you can see he was nice enough to colour code it. That was great and then at the bottom of this - I think it got cut out - would be the total.- Maddy

"For anyone who does not know, this is all a huge red flag,"one said while commenting on the video.

"Splitting major (bills, groceries, vacations, etc) expenses while living together is completely reasonable for two working adults,"remarked a second. "But asking you to pay for a banana & a toast is super weird."

A third joked:"It's like you're living in a hotel and these are your mini bar charges."

Woman's boyfriend had spreadsheet for everything he bought for her down to last penny

People Also Ask

Who Was The Woman Whose Boyfriend Shared An Excel Spreadsheet Of His Spending Money On Her?

Maddy, a lady from Toronto, Canada, took to TikTok and published a couple of videos explaining how her ex would keep track of every penny he spent and urge her to repay him by emailing her a 'color-coded' spreadsheet at the end of each month.

How Did Maddy React To Her Boyfriend Sharing An Excel Sheet Of Expenses?

According to Maddy, the whole situation didn't concern her at the time because she was naive and didn't understand how relationships worked. She stated that she was fine with it at the time, but now that she thinks about it, she considers it a "huge red flag."

What Kind Of Spreadsheet Did Maddy's Boyfriend Share With Her?

She stated that the color-coded excel spreadsheet had items of Maddy's that he had paid for, such as a cola or sandwich, and that he intended her to repay him. It also contained items he purchased for both of them, such as a shared Uber ride or a supper, that he wanted her to split with him.


Splitting expenses while dating is perfectly acceptable, but keeping track of every single euro you spend on your lover, such as a banana or a slice of bread? That's ridiculous.

A woman's boyfriend had insane spreadsheet for everything he bought for her to divide their shared spending and write down every single penny he spent on her, such as a banana, cola, or lunch.

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