Woman’s Hilarious Work From Home Video Chat Mistake Goes Viral

AvatarHannah Humphreys in Funny, News
Published 23.03.20

As many of us are advised to work from home as the coronavirus pandemic grips the globe, we are all finding ourselves having to adjust to the remote working life which may often involve online video conference calls with other key team members to ensure our work continues as efficiently as possible.

It seems some are taking more time to adjust than others as one woman named only as ‘Jennifer’ in the Zoom group chat demonstrates.

Apparently unaware ‘Jennifer’ continues to live stream her every move in front of ten of her workmates – lets just hope she kept it clean.

An excerpt of the clip has since been shared to Facebook which shows her colleagues continuing to talk all things work as she leaves to answer nature’s call.

‘Jennifer’s’ laptop appears to have an all-seeing eye as it shows her reaching the bathroom, pulling down her trousers and taking a seat on the loo.

At this point one of her female colleagues continues to speak to the group.

It was only a few seconds before ‘Jennifer’s’ work colleagues, both male and female, clocked her on the toilet – they can all be seen visibly cringing for her mouths gawping, hands across faces mortified.

As the woman notices her blunder, she hastily turns the laptop screen away and reclaims her modesty.

One of her male co-workers can be heard saying: “I saw nothing!”, whilst another adds: “Poor Jennifer”.

‘Jennifer’s’ conference call calamity serves as a stark reminder that when working from home we should make sure we turn off our webcam’s prior to doing anything we wouldn’t want our colleagues catching us doing.

The video has been viewed more than 7.5 million times with one commenter saying: “Make sure you know how to work from home”.

Whilst another added: “My worst fear”.

A third commented: “That’s why I always turn off the camera”.

Of course, for many of us home working seemed like a great idea when we were stuck, cooped up in the office but when it boils down to it things can become well, a little distracting.

Procrastinators in particular may find it somewhat difficult to focus especially if they find themselves locked-up with their partners and/or kids.

Even for the most focussed of individuals it may prove hard with everything going on in the world and let’s be honest hibernating in a month-long snooze wouldn’t go amiss to see how things stand on the other side of slumber town.

But in reality, that’s just not possible so all we can advise is to keep focussed and set a new working-week routine that revolves from home.

And just be mindful of that all-seeing eye glaring at you from above your screen.

Images via Facebook