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Woman's Message About Man Sitting On Loo Symbol Leaves Bloke Baffled


Woman's message about man sitting on loo symbol leaves bloke baffled. Have you ever looked at your car's dashboard and felt completely lost about what all the symbols mean? You're not alone. A recent viral post has left many people in stitches over a husband's reaction to his wife's confusion about an unexpected sign on their vehicle's dashboard.

Husband's Hilarious Reaction To Wife's Confusion Over Car Dashboard Sign Goes Viral

The post, which was shared on TikTok by Jett Wade, features a screenshot of a message exchange between a husband and wife. The wife had messaged her husband to say that her car wouldn't start and that the dashboard was showing a symbol of a person on the toilet. Confused, the husband asked for a photo, which only added to the confusion.

-4 degress car symbol encircled in pink
-4 degress car symbol encircled in pink

But after some investigation, it was revealed that the symbol wasn't actually a person on the toilet. Instead, it was a temperature reading of '-4°'. However, once you see the person on the toilet, it's hard to shake the image from your mind.

People have flooded the post with comments, expressing their amusement and confusion. One person wrote, "It took me forever to unsee the person on the potty, then I realized it was - 4° hahaha." Another said, "Funny, that's all I saw... I had to read comments...."

Some people shared their own experiences with confusing dashboard symbols, with one person writing, "Reminds me of being a kid and making a calculator turn upside down and read as LOOSE." Another person shared a story about their sister who called for gas because she thought 'E' stood for 'ENOUGH' and 'F' stood for 'FILL UP.'

While some people were left feeling confused, others found solidarity with the wife's dilemma. One person wrote, "I'm confused I also see someone sitting on the toilet." And another person simply said, "This made my day."


It just goes to show that even the most seasoned drivers can be left scratching their heads at the symbols on their car's dashboard. But at least we can all have a good laugh about it. As Jett Wade says, "Empower men and women across the globe, and laugh at your spouse while you're at it."

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