Women Are Growing Out Their Body Hair For ‘Januhairy’

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Published 10.01.20

Women Are Growing Out Their Body Hair For ‘Januhairy’

With 350,000 people pledging to give up meat and dairy this January as part of ‘Veganuary’, a new campaign launched last new year to ‘encourage acceptance of body hair on women’ is now looking for more female pledges to raise funds to tackle climate change.

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@jamiesquire_ ~ “Today I’m sharing this pic of my hairy bod and donating in support of @januhairy who are raising money for @treesisters_official to aid in protecting and restoring vital tree plantations and funding reforestation to help fight the climate crisis. 🌳🌳🌳 . Please consider joining in with Januhairy! Share a pic of your bod hair if you feel comfortable to and include a link to the fundraising page. Spread the word and if you can afford to donate to TreeSisters please do! . You can read more and donate to the cause here: treesisters.org/fundraisers/grow-out-your-hair-to-clear-out-the-air or follow the link in @januhairy’s bio. . Also, I want to acknowledge here that, although it’s a subject I’ve been loud about in the past, my relationship to my body hair and talking about it online has changed since my old comics. The longer I leave my body hair alone the more I recognise the mundanity of my decision. That doesn’t mean there is no value in talking about body hair online, only that I’ve come to realise that sharing images of my bod has little to no consequence for me as a white cisgender person. I like talking about body hair but I’m not radical nor am I pushing things forward by sharing images like this one. I’m working on some writing/maybe a comic to try to expand on this and make these thoughts more coherent, with some information on ways to help move things forward. I’m still learning and always open to criticism. Thanks for reading pals. 🦔 NOW GO DONATE TO TREESISTERS AND THIS IMPORTANT CAUSE! 🌍” ❤️🌱

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‘Growing out body hair to clear out the air’ is all part of ‘Januhairy’, founded by Laura Jackson, who got the idea while growing out her own body hair when she was a drama student at Exeter University.


In a bid to combat social pressures on what it means to be a ‘Woman’, Laura’s ‘Januhairy’ movement is working in partnership with TreeSisters, which works to protect forests and fund reforestation around the globe.

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“Last month I discovered #januhairy; a movement of fuzzy lassie’s proudly proclaiming their allegiance to free-pitting for the month as an act of empowerment & body love. I myself have been know to let the ol arm garden grow for years now😏😎 so I thought “what the hay-bale!🐴 I’ll tag @janu_hairy in an image of the fuz” & they shared my post! As did a few other accounts Which lead to it being shown in an @ajplus video & 1000+ femme fur lovin’ folks finding my account. Meaning.. I got my first dick pic since 7th grade chatroulette🤘🏾 & countless messages from 95% men saying things like.. “Hey.” “Hey, I love ur armpits” “I love natural women 👅💦” “I’d lick ur armpits” “I’d love 2 smell ur armpits” “Can I have pictures of ur feet?” “How long u no shave down there?” “How long u been a hair activist?” “How much $ for a body pic?” “I love hairy vagina.” literally. this list goes on…& on. 🤦🏽‍♀️ On one hand, It’s sweet that I’ve unexpectedly gotten 0 hate about it.. (we’ll, except a teacher commenting “gag” to which he received more pictures of my unapologetic pit pelt)((yeah I said it)) But like.. wutup w this far swing to the other side? Why is the natural body a fetish? & how is showing it somehow an invitation to be hit on? to hear about how it makes you feel in your weenie & divulge sexual fantasies i never asked to hear about? & why does this automatically mean I’m an activist? Here’s what I think.. •If I am advocating something.. Its no shame in choosing ur body’s expression. •I’m stoked people are not only-not giving me shit, but are actually showing a lot of love.. it shows times are really changing •I’m endlessly over the age old ‘invade & conquer’ sexually toxic masculine mentality that in its fundamental nature makes itself welcome where 👏🏾it👏🏾is👏🏾not. #goon&slideritebackoutofmyDMsthanks. •You don’t need a # or a clever month name to get to know your body in different forms. Hopefully* everyday, for the rest of your life, you have the wonderful freedom to choose how you want to express yourself in this world. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of choosing what feels rite for the only person who’s opinion really matters.. your own ✌🏾” @chante.heart

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2020’s campaign was announced on Facebook in a post that read: A very happy new year to you all!! Today marks the first day of #januhairy2020 where women all over the world come together to drop our razors for the month of January”.

 “The focus may be on women, but this movement includes all genders and identities. Let’s educate one another on ALL experiences within this ‘prickly’ subject”.


“Our charity focus this year is to support TreeSisters in protecting, restoring and funding reforestation… We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore themselves and their world, a plight we resonate with as women, to protect and restore our personal natural habitats”.

“If you are not personally joining in with Januhairy this year, I encourage you to talk about it with others; if we see the same things again and again, it becomes normal”.

 “I hope the new year has wonderful things in store for each and every one of you!”.

With the world helplessly watching on as thousands of hectares of land are destroyed by bushfires in Australia, campaigns with a focus on climate change may just start picking up momentum.

Our forests and trees are of course vital to the detoxification of the air we breathe and with so many lost to deforestation and wildfires it is more important than ever to start restoring the balance.


The ‘Veganuary’ movement has gone from strength-to-strength since its launch, with around half a million people from 178 countries having taken part in its aim for a fully vegan world.

Its vegan mission isn’t just about the ethics and morality surrounding eating meat and dairy, it’s also about how making the switch to a plant-based diet can protect our environments.

With so many pledges, we see no reason why you couldn’t grow out your body hair alongside eating your plate of lentils?!


Unless, you really are grossed out by the thought of it.

Founder, Laura, 21, says she has had a “great response” from women all over the world as they take the pledge to save themselves precious time in the shower each morning by ditching the razor.

Many women have thrown their support behind the campaign on social media saying:

“To be quite honest I always felt this is the best way to normalise something taboo. Just casually include it in everyday places like ads, magazines, movies etc without calling attention to it. Eventually it’ll just become commonplace”, reads one comment.


Another said: “It would be nice if you weren’t shamed for being human”.

The campaign aims to raise £2,500 for TreeSisters this January to help towards their goal of protecting and restoring natural habitats in order to tackle climate change.

Although it could be considered a small financial goal, raising awareness and highlighting its importance in today’s world perhaps goes beyond monetary support.


A very worthy cause we are sure you will agree.

Couldn’t be bothered investing in another pricey razor anyway.

Here’s to hair!