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World Record Egg Responds After Losing The Most-Liked Picture To Lionel Messi


The world record egg responds after losing the most-liked picture to Lionel Messi. Messi's photo of himself holding up the World Cup during Argentina's victory over France in Qatar surpassed the egg as the most-liked photograph of all time, and the folks behind the account have now spoken out. They said:

4 years ago we set out on a mission. 9 days later we made internet history. Together. Today [Lionel Messi] has taken the crown, for now. But I’m still left with one question… 'Who is the greatest of all time – Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi?'- Egg Gang

In case you forgot, the record-breaking egg became famous in 2019 when it became the Instagram picture with the most likes in history. Kylie Jenner used to hold this record, so you can imagine how proud the egg was of itself, but alas, it's all over after almost four years.

The Egg Gang post accumulated nearly 57 million likes on Instagram. They captioned: "Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this."

Messi breaking the egg's record has, as you might expect, become a topic of conversation on social media as well. Some people on social media made fun of the egg's loss on Instagram by leaving a lot of "Messi" comments below the picture. Other people made memes. One meme showed Messi with the World Cup trophy coming out of an egg.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Records on Tuesday posted a picture of Messi lifting the World Cup trophy with the famous Egg on Twitter. They wrote a caption that reads: "Lionel Messi is now the owner of the most liked post on Instagram."

The official website of the said ultimate record-breaking facts and achievements stated the following:

A post by football superstar and now-World Cup winner Lionel Messi has become the most liked post on Instagram, with over 58 million likes (and counting!) Messi, who plays his club football with Paris Saint-Germain in France, was Argentina’s talisman as they went on to lift the men’s World Cup for the third time on Sunday, following a penalty shoot-out win over France.- Guinness World Records

The website continued:

The post that led Messi to secure this record features several pictures of him holding the famous Jules Rimet trophy, as well as images of him celebrating with teammates. @world_record_egg was the previous record holder of this title, with 55.7 million likes when last verified by Guinness World Records.- Guinness World Records

Let's Meet Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, whose full name is Lionel Andrés Messi, is an Argentine football player who led Barcelona as captain and won the World Cup with his country in 2022. He is considered to be one of the best football players of all time. He is the only person to have won the Ballon d'Or and the European Golden Shoe seven times each. Before he moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, Messi had played all of his professional games for Barcelona.

He won 34 major trophies with the Catalan club, including four UEFA Champions Leagues. He has scored more goals than anyone else in La Liga history. Cristiano Ronaldo is second with 311 goals, more than 160 behind Messi. The Argentine also has 36 hat tricks, which is the most in the history of La Liga.

Messi is Argentina's all-time leader in goals scored for the national team. In 2005, when he first played for his country on the international stage, he was 17 years old, which made him the youngest player to do so.

On the other hand, Antonella Roccuzzo and Messi have been together since 2008, and they got married in 2017. They have three sons together. Their names are Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.

Final Thoughts

Several memes bloomed on Twitter as a result of the record-breaking post. One meme showed Messi with the World Cup trophy coming out of an egg. In another meme, the football player posed at the tomb of the egg.

While a third saw the football player making a face in front of a row of eggs on a bench. Guinness World Records has also confirmed that Messi has set a new record.

They did this in a blog post. This will definitely be the icing on the cake for Messi, who, at age 35, said this was his last chance to win the World Cup before he retired.

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