World’s Smallest Escape Room Locks You Inside A Coffin

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in News, UK
Published 07.10.19

It’s everyone’s dream to be buried alive, forced to solve a bunch of confusing puzzles to escape.

Did I say dream? I meant nightmare.

Measuring a teeny 120cm by 70cm by 50cm, the ominously named “The Subject” offers brave challengers the chance to get the full-on vampire experience.


What is the world’s smallest escape room?

Adding its name to the list of formidable escape rooms designed seemingly to torture players, ‘The Subject’ is made to be truly terrifying. The creation of student George Larkwright, 24, the game intends to produce an experience of claustrophobia, desperation and dread.

Weird thing to want to do, George, but you’ve definitely achieved what you’re going for…

Dissatisfied with just seeing escape rooms used for team-building, smug selfies, and light bickering, George designed a challenge that would cause players to leave ‘haggered’ and almost aged by the experience.

The coffin-style box is designed for a two (brave) contestants. Player one is locked inside the box, while the second player has to help them escape.


Inside the box, person one is given a pencil, paper, and a torch. Using these, they must decode a number of cryptic codes and clues found scrawled across the walls.

The second player must cooperate using the clues provided to them in the outer room. By searching through a bunch of documents, puzzles, and information they can win the game, and free their friend.

Apparently, but not surprisingly, the idea for the escape room came from a pretty macabre place.


George says he came up with the idea after watching Kill Bill 2, which features a scene where Uma Thurman’s character is trapped inside a coffin. Alongside this, more inspiration came from the horrifying stories of wartime human experiments, and American mind control programmes during the Cold War.

Coming from a theatre background, George seems to have had no trouble coming up with a harrowing backstory for his game. The contestant in the box is a prisoner of war, trapped in a laboratory. Player two, as the rescuer, is a secret service operative set the task of freeing them. All within a 30-minute time frame. Eek!

This is all supposed to create the end result of feeling triumphant, George says. The contestant should be “proud of navigating a game that is both physically and mentally taxing.”

‘The Subject’ was created as part of the Experiments in Play exhibition, for students at the south London university, with the quickest escape being an impressive 17 minutes.


As fun as this all sounds, we at The Hook might just stick to some slightly less horrifically terrifying escape room experiences. You, like us, might be more tempted to try the Peaky Blinders themed game opening this year in Birmingham. Instead of being forced to face your morality, you can instead don a fun three-piece suit and a flat cap.

But if you’re more swayed towards George’s creation, he’s planning on taking it on tour. Keep an eye out for fates if you fancy giving it a go.

We can definitely see this inspiring a new wave of horror films, or at least a fresh batch of nightmares!

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