Worzel Gummidge Remake Is On TV This Christmas

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 02.12.19

Worzel Gummidge remake. Just what the doctor ordered, eh? Honestly I’d forgotten it existed, but we can all be reminded as it comes back this Christmas.

The last thing I heard of Worzel Gummidge was in 2010 when Karl Pilkington made a reference to the scarecrow to an aged Brazilian drag queen in An Idiot Abroad. That’s how long it’s been.

I’ve got no idea why they brought it back, and I’ve not a clue who this is aimed at, but hey, a Worzel Gummidge remake is coming and you know what? That’s pretty cool.


Based on the Barbara Euphan Todd stories, the BBC will be releasing two hour-long episodes that follow Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Office, Detectorists) as the scarecrow originally played by the late ex-Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee.

Crook will be joined on his adventures by India Brown (playing Susan) and Thierry Wickens (as John), along with the likes of comedy legend and national treasure Michael Palin, Zoë Wanamaker and Steve Pemberton.


I want to make absolutely clear, when I said earlier “two hour-long episodes,” I mean two separate episodes, each made of 60 minutes, not several episodes that are two hours long each.

jon pertwee worzel gummidge

In a press release earlier this year, the BBC said:

Their worlds should never commune, but fate has conspired to create an extraordinary union.

The seasons have stopped and the harvest hasn’t arrived. The rhythm of the natural world is out of kilter and this unlikely trio must try to put it right. Magic, mystery and mayhem unfurl.”


worzel gummidge mackenzie crook

I’ve got to say, the new Gummidge design is pretty terrifying. He looks like a character in a Doctor Who episode who turns out to be a bad guy, but hey, I guess that’s part of the charm?

Played by Mackenzie Crook, Worzel Gummidge is also written and directed by the West Country polymath.

Speaking of the upcoming show, he said:


I’m thrilled to be back working with the BBC and many members of the Detectorists team to bring Worzel Gummidge to a new generation of viewers and reintroduce him to old friends.

Adapting Barbara Euphan Todd’s books into these two films has been a joy and I’ve completely fallen for her charming, irreverent scarecrow.

Palin, who plays The Green Man, added:

It’s a lovely part for me, but the whole script is very memorable and touching, and very funny too. It quite skilfully weaves in something for everybody all the time.”


When will Worzel Gummidge remake be on TV?

There are no trailers or release date yet, so we’ll have to keep you posted.

So far all we know is that it will be some time over Christmas…

Images via BBC