Fans of cringe-worthy television rejoice, Don’t Tell the Bride has officially landed on Netflix.

For the uninitiated, the show follows a soon-to-be-married couple a week before their big day, with one minor twist: all aspects of the wedding planning have been left in the hands of the groom. Needless to say, things don’t always go according to plan. To whet your appetite, here are some of the most cringey, heartachingly stupid, and downright bizarre moments from the show. Enjoy…

1) When the groom decided to surprise the bride by hosting a zombie-themed wedding, complete with prosthetics.


2) When the groom thought that a pig-themed wedding, complete with pig onesie wearing bridesmaids, was a good idea. 


3) And when a darts obsessed fiancé chose some very questionable bridesmaids “dresses”.


4) When the bride and groom had very different definitions of a small and intimate wedding.


5) When one guy planned an underwater wedding for his bride-to-be.


6) When the groom decided that a stunt vicar was a good way to spend £3,500 of the wedding budget.


7) When one man took his fiancée’s dream of a fairytale wedding a little too literal.


8) When the bride didn’t want to get married in a brewery, so took temporary refuge in a KFC.


9) When it looked like the groom had chosen the perfect wedding dress until a hidden horror was revealed underneath.


10) When the bride correctly guessed her wedding destination before she’d even stepped out of the car.


11) When the groom decided to bless the bridesmaids with a non-traditional outfit choice of a cardigan and hand-drawn T-shirt. 


12) When dreams of a hen do being spent at a spa turned into a countryside nightmare.


13) When the bride was made to walk half a mile up a country lane, alone, while being pursued by a tractor.


14) When a man chose to share the wedding date via the medium of tattoo.


15) When the groom left it three days prior to the wedding before sending out the invites.


16) And finally, when the bride was made to spend a full day trekking to her wedding location while wearing ski boots.

If you’re going to let your partner plan the wedding, make sure you’re both on the same page beforehand. 

Images via E4