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Yamato Renfro - The Secret Son Of Brad Renfro


Almost everyone is curious about Yamato Renfro. Yamato, Brad Renfro's son, continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Yamato Renfro lived in Japan with his mother; it is unknown how frequently Brad saw him. Brad had grand plans to bring them both to America and form a genuine family, but those plans were never carried out.

Below is a thorough description of Brad's life, the sadness of his passing, and what little the general world is aware of Yamato.

NameYamato Renfro
Born In2004
Age18 years old (as of 2022)
FatherBrad Renfro (deceased)
MotherNot Known
Current ResidenceJapan

Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro made his acting debut in The Client at the age of 11. He made 21 film appearances and won numerous accolades.

He had no acting experience prior to playing The Client, and he resided in a trailer park with his grandmother. He was chosen to play Mark Sway because The Client's director wanted to cast someone with actual experience to support the character's feelings.

He had a difficult private life, nevertheless, starting in the late 1990s. This included drug treatment and arrests.

He was accused of drug possession of cocaine and marijuana when he was 15 and taken into custody. He had gone to rehab more than once by the time he was 18 years old.

He made an attempt to hijack a yacht in August 2000. He was placed on probation, given criminal mischief and grand theft term, and ordered to pay for the repair of the yacht and the costs of the investigation.

He was sentenced to three months in a rehab treatment facility after violating his probation by consuming alcohol while underage and then again the following year by drivingwhile intoxicated in public and against the law.

He repeatedly broke the terms of his probation, and as a result, he eventually spent ten days in jail for a DUI and attempted heroin possession.

In 2007, a judge warned him that if he broke his probation more than twice, he may receive a jail sentence or a live-in treatment facility.

His relative claimed that just before he passed away, Brad had begun to change for the better in his life.

Yamato Renfro

Brad Renfro's unintended child, Yamato Renfro, is identified in his obituary as "Y Renfro." To protect Yamato's privacy and keep him out of the spotlight, information about him is kept under wraps.

Yamato visited Brad in Tennessee, so Brad had a brief opportunity to meet his kid before he passed away.

The passage from his obituary that mentioned Yamato is as follows:

Survivors: son, Y Renfro; father and step-mother, Mark and Kim Renfro; mother and step-father, Angel and Rick Olsen; paternal grandmother, Joanne Renfro; maternal grandmother, Judy Hurt; sister, Haley Rose Olsen; step-brother, Dane Hoffmeister; several aunts, uncles and cousins; special friends, Jesse Hasek and Matthew Earl.

When Was He Born?

In 2004, Yamato Renfro was born. By 2022, Yamato Renfro will be 18 years old.

Who Is The Mother Of Yamato?

There is no official information about the mother of Yamato. Brad Renfro pondered getting married to Yamato's mother in order to bring them to America and create a family. But because of his premature demise, that ambition was never realized.

Yamato Renfro Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth of Yamato Renfro. But the $300K was his father's net worth.

Social Media

Yamato Renfro Facebook

There is no information about Yamato Renfro's Facebook account.

Yamato Renfro Instagram

There is no information about Yamato Renfro's Instagram account.

People Also Ask

Where Is Brad Renfro's Son?

The location of the residence of Yamato Renfro, Brad Renfro's son, is unknown.

Did Brad Renfro Have A Child?

Yes, Brad Renfro has a son named Yamato Renfro.

When Was Yamato Renfro Born?

Yamato Renfro was born in 2004.


After the funeral of Brad Renfro, it was revealed that he had a son, Yamato Renfro. An overdose of heroin and morphine caused Brad Renfro's death.

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