You And Your Dog Can Now Get Adorable Matching Raincoats

Sofi SheppardSofi Sheppard in News, World
Published 14.08.19

The Joules brand is well known for its floral, heritage and coastal styles, and now your dog can appreciate it too.

This new collection is pawsitively puuurfect (wrong pet, sorry cat lovers maybe one day, eh?) and will leave you and your dog friends furever.

We’re no strangers to clothing for dogs, but what’s special about this new collection is that you can MIX AND MATCH with your dog! The brand launched the collection in partnership with Rosewood Pets Products and have teamed up to create human coats in dog form.

The collab will also include toys, collars, beds, leads and other doggy accessories to create the ultimate style trans-fur-mation for your pooch.

Josie Will, Joules’ Licensing Manager said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Rosewood Pet Products to further our lifestyle offering, bringing our customers and their furry friends the collection they’ve been waiting for!

“Rosewood’s expertise coupled with Joules’ stand-out designs and unique prints, have created the ultimate must-have collection.”

But it doesn’t end there dog lovers, because you can also get a matching manicure with your beloved pet too! Anything is pawsible these days eh?

However, if you are taking this dog trend to the next level, then remember to use dog-friendly products because products designed for humans can be incredibly toxic for doggos and could harm them.

Luckily, there are dog-friendly nail products available that are natural and non-toxic which is just pawfect.

Princess Pawdicure is a brand that solely specialises in dog-friendly nail products and they ship worldwide. If they are too ex-paw-nsive then you could always try Amazon or other pet stores.

Maybe one day Jimmy Choo or Gucci will fetch out a collab called Jimmy Chews or Gucci for Poochies, how paw-sh would that be!

If you can’t chews what to wear, just look at your dog for some style advice and maybe one day you’ll both end up on the cover of Vanity Fur.

As a dog lover (even though I can never have one because I am highly allergic *cries*) I look forward to seeing all the picture oppawtunities, as they are endless!

So, get ready to raise the woof with your matching outfits! How FETCH! (last one, I promise).

I’m genuinely all punned out.