You And Your Dog Can Now Wear Matching Jumpers This Winter Thanks To Missguided

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Published 11.11.19

You and your dog can now wear matching jumpers this winter thanks to Missguided

So fetch.


The Christmas jumper game seems to get tougher and tougher every year, doesn’t it? Especially if you work in an office. We’re all encouraged to really up our game every year in the Christmas Jumper department for things like Christmas Jumper Day (13th December this year, FYI). It’s no longer enough to just rock up in the same cheap Primark number we used last year; these days, if it doesn’t sing, light up, squeak or require eye protection to look at, it’s just not good enough.

Shame is the word. Shame.

bad christmas jumper


Well, this year Missguided has unveiled a genius way to win at any Christmas jumper game (be it at the office, at the Christmas dinner table or down the pub) without fail and it involves your dog. Missguided has just released a range of matching owner and pup turtlenecks, as well as Christmas jumpers for dogs. And cuteness is not even the word for it.

I know what you’re thinking. Matching jumpers for owners and their dogs must be criminally naff. I thought the same thing, but was surprised to see – dare I say it – how chic these are.


White Roll Neck Cable Knit Extreme Oversized Jumper, £25 / White Knitted Boucle Dog Jumper, £12

White jumper misguided

White jumper for dog Misguided


F*ck cheap Christmas tat shedding from your jumper – look how cute this sausage dog looks. LOOK! Waltz into your office wearing these – pup in matching jumper in a statement doggy carrier – and it’s game over.

Camel Roll Neck Cable Knit Sleeve Jumper, £25 / Stone Cable Knit Dog Sweater, £12

Misguided tan jumper

Sausage dog tan

Goodbye light-up tatty Christmas jumpers, hello fashion-forward festive knits.

Then of course, you could always make your dog play the Christmas jumper game for you; they’ll look adorable and you won’t hate yourself in years to come when Facebook reminds you of what you were forced to wear. Missguided has your pooch covered, literally.

Brown Knitted Christmas Pudding Dog Jumper, £12

dog christmas jumper

Red Stripe Christmas Antler Dog Hoodie, £12

This one’s my personal favourite. If I was a fashion-forward dog, I’d be in there like swimwear.

Dog Christmas jumper

So, if you have a pooch that’s partial to a bit of knitwear action, then these latest offerings from Missguided are a sure-fire way of winning this season’s Christmas jumper games and looking pretty fetch while you’re doing so (get it?).

The dog jumpers come in three different sizes – Small (for the likes of chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers), Medium (for the likes of Jack Russells and pugs) and Large (for the likes of terriers and beagles).


H&M is also selling matching dog and owner jumpers!

H&M is at it too! They’ve teamed up with Pringle of Scotland to create matching owner and dog outfits and we are here for it. The knitwear will appeal to both fans of the brands but also those who simply love to wear matching clothes with man’s best friend. The line is already available within stores and online as part of the Conscious line, which means you can be sound of mind that these items are eco-conscious.

Here’s a ‘paw-some’ example to pooch over (I’ll stop now).

H&M jumper

H&M dog jumper

Christmas jumper game 2019: Game over. 

Images via Missguided and Getty