You Can Already Pre-Order The ‘Harry Potter’ Wizarding World Advent Calendar And It Looks Magical

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 12.07.19

Happy summer everyone! Let’s celebrate the normal way, yeah? Beer garden, good music, good friends, just ordering some Harry Potter advent calendars and living in the moment.

That’s my Summer 2k19 MOOD.

You know when it’s, say, September and Fortnum & Mason already start working on their Christmas decoration window and everyone’s all like “bloody hell, Fortnum & Mason, chill out?” and then as soon as Christmas is over, Sainsbury’s start stocking Easter eggs?


Bloody hell, Sainsbury’s…” etc. The pendulum swings. Nothing ever changes.

early christmas

Well this time one brand seems to have outdone themselves, and that brand is Harry Potter.

It’s mid July and they’re already selling advent calendars for pre-order.


We all already know that advent calendars are among the biggest rip-offs known to man, but being made to pay for one over five months before you get to use it is really taking the piss.

It’s almost as bad as those ATM machines that charge you for taking out some of your own money.

harry potter advent

What does it have in it, though? In short, tat. In long, it has: magic socks, a pencil, badge pin, crests, bracelet, phone stickers, roll tape, sticky notes, kid stamps, charm with chain, magnets, bandana, keychain, pins, eraser, sharpener, and temporary tattoos.


So yeah, tat.

It costs the grand total of £36.99 and yeah I’d say it’s absolutely not worth it. Not even slightly. Buy a new t-shirt or something.

harry potter advent calendar gifts


I say that, I’ll be honest, I don’t really care what you do with your money unless you’re, I don’t know, buying used needles and putting them in children’s sandboxes, but that’s a big step and if there were a Venn diagram of people who do that and people who want Harry Potter calendars, I think it would look like this…

So yeah.

Why does every single piece of low-rent Harry Potter merch have picture of him from Order of the Phoenix in and no other film?

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