Take on a dreaded Bushtucker Trial with the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! board game this Christmas.

Each year, we laugh at the I’m A Celeb campmates as they kick, scream and gag their way through the dreaded eating challenges. We wonder why the celebs are so squeamish and we talk about how we’d pass these ‘easy’ bushtucker trials with flying colours.

Well, now’s your chance to prove your worth.


B&M and Amazon are selling the I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial Challenge: a board game based on the ITV show’s dreaded eating trials. You did say you wanted an ‘ordinary people’ version of the game show (I’ve got an article here that proves it).

Stop swallowing your words and start swallow a mealworm instead.



I'm A Celeb


The board game comes with a spinner, star sheets and, of course, a selection of real dried insects including locusts and cricket. Yes, REAL.

The game can be yours now for just £9.99, making it the ideal stocking filler for friends and family.


Fortunately, not all of the nibbles are so scary, as the ‘rice’ and ‘beans’ provided are actually jelly beans and puffed rice (similar to ‘Rainbow Drops’). Land one of these two snacks and your tastes buds will be grateful.

Saying that, edible insects are all the rage these days (perhaps it’s got something to do with the live-action Lion King). Sainsbury’s are now stocking EAT GRUB packets which contain ‘crunchy roasted crickets’ which are flavoured with BBQ and Peri-Peri seasonings.

You try them first and let me know if they’re any good, yeah?

Up until now, only Roman Kemp and Adele Roberts have faced an eating trial in this year’s show. As part of the challenge, the two DJs had to chew on everything from a bull’s penis to a camel’s anus. Lovely, I know. The two celebrities successfully ate all of their dishes, winning a full house of stars.

I certainly can’t guarantee I’ll be this successful when I attempt the board game this holidays…


It’s the mealworms I won’t be able to stomach. *gags*

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