Arms for chickens is something that we didn’t know we needed until know, because just when you thought poultry couldn’t get any more perfect, these little gizmos prove there’s still improvements to be made.

Now, not many people have pet chickens, granted, so these would be wasted, but there are plenty of people who do, and you can’t begrudge them some arms for their pet can you?

Right now on Etsy, the brilliant website where people sell all bits of weird tat, someone is selling plastic arms for chickens, essentially making them look like bouncers outside a pub.

Essentially, people are attaching a piece of wire to the set of baby arms and then putting them on their pet chickens to pull off the rather bizarre look, and while it’s hardly the iPhone, it’s a seriously funny little discovery.

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🐓🐓💪🏼💪🏼 Chicken Arms!!!! I grabbed 3 of my girls & they were moderately cooperative… I think 2-Peck wore it best. #chickenarms #petchickens #backyardchickens #chickens #chickensofinstagram

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The thing is, this isn’t the only weird fashion accessory for chickens on the market.

Now available on Amazon, you can get chicken tutus for $16.98, and while I’d argue that they’re more repurposed fascinators, I’m probably wrong.

As the product description has it:

The small and exquisite tutu skirt with a pretty grosgrain ribbon and plenty of tulle gives the rooster skirt a fluffy fullness and decorate your chicken completes the princess look. Your chicken will not mind having such beauty and adorable dress on.

Put your chick in a tutu and brighten your precious chicken’s day to have fun and take photos to record the beautiful memories and good times with this cute chick skirt.”

The reviews are pretty good, including:

My hen Lilly looks great in her new Tutu!


Absolutely fabulous. #priscillachicken

I mean, whatever next?

Monocles for your goat?

Scarfs for owls?

Hopefully both.