You Can Get A Huge 80 Piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket From KFC For Under £6

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Published 25.10.19

You can get an 80 piece popcorn chicken bucket from KFC for £5.99, and though popcorn chicken is arguably the worst chicken product KFC make, that’s one hell of a deal.

Honestly, honestly, I can’t be doing with meat that has bones in it. It’s too fiddly and I don’t have the time. I want to be able to just stick a fillet in my mouth and chew, not worry about dodging various bones and hoping that my mouthful doesn’t have a bit of cartilage in it.


When it comes to lots of chicken, the best bet before now was to mosey on down to McDonald’s and pick yourself up a 20 nugget sharebox.

popcorn chicken kfc

A lovely treat that, when not shared, will leave you full and also – as an added perk – hating yourself. The sort of thing that lovely home cooking just can’t do for you.

But now if you go to another fast food emporium, you can get four times the chicken (quantity-wise, not weight) for nearly the same price and if my maths is correct, that means more hating yourself if you still don’t share this one.


KFC are now flogging 80 pieces of popcorn chicken for £5.99, which is not only gratuitous, but also sort of a poisoned chalice. No-one’s favourite thing from KFC is the popcorn chicken, but you can’t turn down that sort of deal, meaning you’d have to buy a bucket at least once.

The only way to instil any sort of flavour into popcorn chicken then is to smother them in the delicious gravy that KFC somehow make, so that means buying what? 20 tubs of the stuff? The price is racking up already.

hotukdeals kfc popcorn chicken


And then there’s the fact that all you actually want is 10 or 20 mini fillets, so why can’t KFC make those and vast quantities?! That’s all we want.

The news of the new deal was broken by HotUKDeals, who apparently saw some kind of banner promoting 80 pieces for £5.99 and people lost their minds (were somewhat excited)…


There is bad news though, and that’s that currently, the deal is only available in Glasgow until 17 November, as it’s a trial. You’ll be able to get yours in the following branches:


Kilkcaldy Central Retail Park, Hamilton Palace Grounds Retail Park, Dunfermline – Fife Leisure Park, Falkirk – Callandar Road, Cumbernauld – South Muirhead Road, Wishaw – Glasgow Road, Glasgow – Nitshill Rd., London Rd., Motherwell, Rutherglen.

Sums it up…

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