You Can Get Bedding With Your Best Friend’s Face Printed All Over It

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Published 07.05.20

Bedsheets with your friend’s face on them. What more could you want in these times where you’re not allowed to see them.

It’s hard isn’t it, lockdown? I miss a lot of things. I miss paying too much for a pint of beer I already have at home, I miss not queuing up outside of Sainsbury’s when I decide I want a bar of chocolate, I even miss commuting; but even more than all of that, I miss my family, friends and girlfriend.

You can talk to them online of course and see their faces with the likes of Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Facebook, but it’s not the same. You want to touch them. To hold them. To feel them. I mean I seldom “feel” my friends, but I’d like the option, you know?

This is possible at the moment as you know, so you may as well try to get your fill with things that you can touch with your friend’s face on, such as – I don’t know – bedsheets.

I say I don’t know, it’s in the title. You know this is an article about bedsheets with your friend’s face on them.

Manufactured by Shelfies, the personalised bedsheets are available in twin, king and queen sizes, and are yours from £97.

bedsheets friend's face

Annoyingly, pillowcases aren’t included with the duvet and they can be purchased separately for £25.

That’s so much money. Far too much.

The product description reads:

We’ve got some of the craziest and unique designs the internet has ever seen… but we don’t have everything. Especially not your face.

Upload your image, we’ll do all the design magic and within no time you’ll have a real item with your face allover“.

Meanwhile, you can get clothes and the like with your dog’s face on them courtesy of

The ordering process is very easy, as all you need to do is choose what garment you want (anything from hoodies, to shorts, to pyjamas) and then upload a lovely picture of your furry friend’s face.

As you might have suspected, you can also upload images of things that aren’t your dog, such as your own face, someone else’s face, or a toaster or something, I dunno.

The pieces are made from a mix of Polyester and Cotton French Terry Jersey. Loungewear sets start from a price tag of £39.99 but there are things that come cheaper than that.

One of those things is a set of two pillowcases absolutely smothered in your dog’s face for just £22.99. Expensive for pillowcases, cheap for dogs.

You know what to do.

Images via, Shelfies