You Can Get Onesies For Your Dog That Stops Them Malting All Over The Place

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Published 19.06.19
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You’ll be able to get a onesie for your dog and of course you want to.

I would absolutely love a dog, but there are two things putting me off.

Firstly, my dad is allergic to them, so he would never really be able to visit without being uncomfortable and secondly, I don’t like the idea of picking up after them in my garden and at the park.

The thing is though, I can get past picking up dog poo if I absolutely need to – and I suppose no-one’s a fan, they just get used to it over time – but there’s now a way to stop my dad having to cope with a load of dog hair all over the house.

dog hair allergy

No, it’s not getting a hypoallergenic dog like a labradoodle or something, it’s getting a onesie that fits on my dog.

Is this cruel? I hope not.

dog in onesie

Anyway, the Shed Defender is made from a breathable athletic mesh fabric with four-way stretch and comes in a load of sizes, such as mini, extra-extra small, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large.

Cover a lot of bases there, don’t they?

Look at the pictures, they’re absolutely hilarious…

st bernard in onesie

That dog doesn’t look happy, but then I suppose St Bernards never do, do they?

buy onesie for dog

Very dapper little guys.

Like I say, really hoping these aren’t cruel.

The colours available are black, hot pink, purple, red, and royal blue and the prices are between £31 and £47.

Might be worth doing. Or maybe not? I’m not your mum.

I’m not going to tell you what you or your dog should do.

Images via Amazon, Getty

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