You Can Get Your Pet As A Pokémon Card And They Look Great

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 26.06.19
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You can now get your pet as your very own custom Pokémon card and honestly, I might buy a dog so I can do this.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’d love to live in a world where it was okay to make my pet dog fight someone’s horse that happens to be on fire. That’s what I want from the world.”

Hey, we’ve all been there. I’ve always thought my old goldfish would be pretty handy against a pebble with arms and if Pokémon’s anything to go by then yeah, I’m right.

Nice to know that a fish could beat up a stone. Confirmed by science, no less.

But listen, that’s not allowed, so the closest thing you can get to that is having a likeness of your beloved pet turned into a Pokémon card to add to your collection.

custom pet pokemon card

Courtesy of the brilliant WildpetsCreations on Etsy, people are getting some amazing results from sending pictures of their cats, dogs and horses in, where they’re transformed into Generation One-style Pokémon cards.

They look so cool.

WildpetsCreations require you to send in a photo of your pet, along with a short description and rather excellently, you can choose what moves it knows.

pokemon card pet custom

Essentially, you can customise these elements:

– Name of the Pokémon

– Pokémon type

– HP

– Length and Weight

– Pokémon species

– Customize the attacks: name, description, damage, and cost

– Edit weakness and resistance elements and their value, and the retreat cost

– A short sentence bio

– Pokédex number and rarity

pet custom pokemon card

Very nice.

That said, once you actually get yours, you won’t be able to use it.

Even ignoring the fact that one of them wouldn’t be allowed in a Pokémon battle, no-one actually knows how to play with Pokémon cards.

The reviews are great too, with one reading:

This was, by far, the best purchase I’ve made on etsy. Stephanie is so helpful and accommodating to her customers. I placed my order last minute for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend (who LOVED the gift) and she made sure it arrived on time. Such a great way to immortalize your fur babies. I will definitely be ordering from her again. Thank you!

I’ll probably get one at some point…

Images via WildpetsCreations, The Pokémon Company