You Can Now Buy A Beans On Toast Maker

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, Weird
Published 21.02.20

Beans on toast – it’s a staple, comforting breakfast/brunch choice for many across the nation.

Big fan right here.


Just make sure there’s plenty of melted, oozing cheese and I’m all over it.

However, there isn’t always enough time in our manic mornings before work or the school run to get ourselves much more than some burnt toast or a pitiful banana.

As we love nothing more than a good gadget and especially those that simplify our days, speeding up a time-consuming process we just had to share this nifty machine with you.


Introducing the Tefal Toast N Bean Maker.


Promising to save you time and keep your food warm whilst you run around like a headless chicken making sure you’ve everything ready for the day – it really is quite magnificent.

Built like a conventional toaster it has a circular heating pod at one end including a handy measuring cup to ensure the ideal amount of baked beans is served alongside your toast.

The quick breakfast solution will have your baked beans and toast ready in just four minutes.

It can even be used for eggs!

The machine will allow you to poach or boil your eggs with minimal effort also in less than four minutes.

You simply add water to the bowl with the included measuring beaker and let the Toast N Bean do the rest.


The bean warmer has a capacity for half a tin of baked beans – which is ample for one serving (unless, like me, you prefer the entire tin).

It has variable browing control for your toast – so it really is up to you how crunchy you fancy yours.

The two-slot toaster is wide enough to cook muffins, toast or bagels and has a toast-lift facility which makes removing your bread of choice easy without burning your fingers.

Tefal claim it will revolutionise the way you do breakfast and is well worth the £51 price tag for those who would rather avoid pot-washing.

We can definitely see this being a hit with students, offices and family homes up and down the country.

Grab yours on Amazon and beat the breakfast-rush.