You Can Now Buy A Giant Inflatable Twister And It’s Perfect For Summer BBQs

Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams in Funny, News
Published 26.08.19

You can now buy a giant inflatable Twister game and it’s everything we could have imagined.

I don’t know about you, but I can remember the hours of fun I had as a child with a game of Twister. I even had the pink version, which came with a fluffy pink bag to store it in and a purple spinner. Now I think about it, I can also vaguely recall a ‘Twister Dance’, where you danced on coloured spots whilst Britney Spears blasted from the speakers. And now the latest upgrade to the childhood classic – a GIANT inflatable Twister.

I don’t care how old you are – you need this in your life.

Based on the popular 1960s game, this is evoking some serious nostalgia. But instead of the usual 24 dots, there are now over double the amount – a total of 64 blue, yellow, green and red coloured dots. And that’s not all that’s new: whilst the original was only meant for a maximum of four people (which didn’t stop us from trying to cram ourselves and every one of our friends onto the mat), the massive 15ft x 15ft vinyl playing surface holds up to 10 players, perfect for garden parties and BBQs.

What also impresses me is that the 24 inch, 3ft high spinner if mounted on a stand, making it so much easier to reach whilst your arms and legs are tangled up like a “human pretzel”, as the geniuses as American retailer Hammacher Schlemmer so excellently put it. No more falling over because you couldn’t reach the spinner. That was my excuse, anyway.


For those of you who live under a rock and have never played Twister (seriously, what was your childhood?) the spinner tells the players which hand or foot goes on which coloured spot. A game that requires physical strength, skill and flexibility, it’s up to you to balance on the mat whilst being literally tangled up in knots. It’s harder than it sounds, I promise.

The game also comes with a one-horsepower air blower to keep it inflated – because, in case I forgot to mention, it’s inflatable, which makes it even better. There was nothing more painful than falling on top of one another and then onto a rock-hard floor, and now they’ve managed to solve even this.

According to the website:

“This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.

“Contortions and human pretzel poses aside, no other part of the body may touch the playing surface; the last player to remain “standing” wins.”

The slight downside is that it costs $2000. A little overpriced in my opinion, but can you really put a price on happiness? Besides, with summer practically over you have a whole year to save up. I’m not going to do the maths because that’s never been my strong point, but I’m pretty sure that by putting a little aside every month we’ll all have one of these in our garden in no time.

Images via Hammacher Schlemmer