You Can Now Buy A Hammock That Goes Under Your Work Desk

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Published 18.09.19

If you’re like me and wish you could wake up at midday every day, then this hammock is perfect for you. Why strain your back from sitting up all day when you can just lie down and still do your job just as well? 

It’s time to put the term sleeping on the job into practice.


We’ve all been that person at work who’s trying not to fall asleep with every fibre of our being. It’s not always an easy task when you’ve been tossing and turning all night struggling to get to sleep because you’re aching to know what happens on the next episode of that TV series you’ve been binging on Netflix all evening.

Or, you know, you’re just hungover.

But luckily for us, Uplift Desk have designed the perfect office accessory that will help you get in a few more seconds of snoozing. The under-desk hammock will make your day a whole lot more easier, and by the end of the week you may actually enjoy going into work!

Blimey, take my money.


The handy hammock will only set you back £44 ($55) and is designed to attach to the brand’s custom standing desk. They currently come in two colours; blue and grey and can be shipped worldwide for anyone who needs a quick nap at work. Perfect!


It also comes with a storage bag which stays attached, meaning you can keep all your valuables safe in the office. For me, that’s all my Jammie Dodgers, Jelly Babies and cans of Coke Zero. It’s important that nobody see’s these. Having said that, the hammock will be the perfect secret spot to snack on any delicious sweet treats – the days of snacking in the toilets are over woohoo!

While an app helps your adjust the height of your hammock, making it easy to get in or out when you’re ready to lie down or stand back up.

Uplift Desk described their product online: “The Under Desk Hammock clips right under your UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk, providing you with a quiet little cocoon in the shade of your desktop. And you don’t have to sleep in the hammock, necessarily.

“Your co-workers and friends will want to know more when they see you catching up on email from the comfort of your hanging hideaway. Be sure to show them how it works and tell them where they can get their own!”

Chelsea, a woman who bought the product and gave it a five-star review wrote: “I absolutely love the idea of this. My desk was too small for it, but it’s a great accessory for this desk that really shows off it’s dexterity. Lot’s of fun and it’s amazing that it fits in a small bag for storage.”


Fitting with the ‘office’ theme, the well-loved American sitcom ‘The Office’ (it’s British but I’ll let it slide) has been transformed into a board game that you and your colleagues can play on your lunch break. Sounds like fun right?

The official game synopsis reads:

‘Each day of the week comes with a new email from HR and enough episode-specific game play references to separate the avid show watcher from the hard-core Dunder Mifflin devotee.

Will you triumph in the finger gun face-off? Your job may depend on it.’


I’m just about ready for a nap now – in fact, all this is actually making me want to go into work.

Wow, miracles really do happen.

Images via Uplift Desk/NBC