Grey’s Anatomy fans, our time has come.

Being completely obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve always thought to myself, ‘what was it about Derek Shepherd that made Meredith Grey fall so desperately in love with him?’

Was it the hair? The eyes? The fact that he was great in the sack? Maybe something to do with the fact that he wouldn’t leave her alone? Or, was it how he smelled? Hmmm.


How a guy smells is always at least a quarter of the puzzle – girls, do not try and tell me otherwise, you know a nice smelling guy always equals serious brownie points – and with this latest candle I’m guessing that it was McDreamy’s warm musk that did the job.


That’s because all Grey’s fans can smell McDreamy wherever they want, whenever they want, as a candle has been created with the scent of the man himself. Is it weird because the beloved neurosurgeon is – spoiler alert – dead?

I don’t care, I want one, and thanks to Etsy’s services I can. The scent is apparently “A Fresh Seattle Breeze Off The Ferry Boat On A Beautiful Day To Save Lives”. Derek and those ferry boats eh?

The salt and sea scented candle was made by a woman called Sandrine for $20. It supposedly wafts a smell “like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful day to save lives.”


Derek and those ferry boats eh?


This will be a nice little necessity for Grey’s fans as when Derek died back in 2015 it left a huge hole in our hearts. So to have a little of him back means a great deal.

The candle also comes with an optional gift box upgrade (for an extra $14.95) which includes a set of Grey’s Anatomy pencils with popular lines from the show and a matchbox with the words, “It’s a match.”

There is also a Meredith Grey candle available to buy which smells like “A Dark and Twisty Harper Avery Winning Chief of General Surgery Who Was Married On a Post – It – Note.” – I kinda’ prefer the sea water.



The Meredith candle also comes with the gift box set option which includes the same as the Derek candle.

The reviews for the McDreamy candle have been pretty good too, with some saying:

“Shipping was super quick! And, my daughter, a Gray’s Anatomy fan who begins work this July as a surgical nurse in a Level One trauma hospital, loved it!”


“Such a cute candle and smells amazing! The seller was super friendly and shipped it right away! Will definitely buy again when I need a cute, unique gift for someone!”


Personally, I think they should have made a George candle but, that’s just me.

So yeah, if you want your room (or your surgery) to smell like ferry boats and beautiful days, Etsy is the way.

Images From Etsy