If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night with Harry Styles, you’re in luck. Well, sort of.

A British lingerie company has released an array of scents that you can spray onto your pillow, that are said to represent certain celebs.

Pour Moi describe the fragrances as smelling like “some of the world’s sexiest and most lusted-after celebrities.”

The inspiration for each celebrity smell came from the perfumes and colognes they’re reported to wear.

Forget Watermelon Sugar, Harry’s scent is said to made up of creamy vanilla bean, dry fruits and sweet wood sap.

Combine that with the sleep story he recorded for an app recently and you’ll soon be having sweet dreams of Harry.

If Harry Styles isn’t to your taste, there are plenty of others you can choose from.

You can inhale the scents of Zac Efron, Margot Robbie, Zac Efron, Rihanna, Maya Jama, Jennifer Aniston, and Bradley Cooper.

The Margot:  An intoxicating aroma of persimmon, pomegranate and rich orchid.

The Ri: Marshmallow, neroli and orange blossom.

The Zac: Filled with herby notes and green apple.

The Jennifer: Packed with orange blossom, lily and sandalwood.

The Bradley:
An unusual one, with coriander, fir and leather.

The Maya: Fruity and spicy notes mixed with an underlying layer of honey.

You can request a free sample of these scents here.

Which would you pick?

Image via Alamy